Organic Dyestuffs Corporation facility location, East Providence, RI & Concord, North Carolina

About Us

Our Company

Organic Dyestuffs Corporation (ORCO) supplies high quality dyes, pigments and chemical auxiliaries for industrial coloring purposes. ORCO serves a broad base of customers in textile, paper, ink and other industries where color applications are required.

ORCO has sales, production, warehousing, and laboratory facilities in Rhode Island & North Carolina. Standard products are typically shipped within twenty four hours.

History of Organic Dyestuffs

Our company was started in 1949 when three men, Samuel Stott, John Sandilands, and John Gormley, formed what was then called Organic Chemical Corporation in a small building on a side street in Providence, Rhode Island. They made a promise that they would focus primarily on understanding the concerns and needs of their customer, the textile dyer.

With nearly 100 operating textile mills in Rhode Island alone at the time, business was exceptional. In 1952, new facilities were built in East Providence, Rhode Island, to house blending operations, laboratory, and office headquarters.

During the 1950's, less expensive foreign imports of yarns and fabrics increased and many textile mills in Rhode Island relocated to the South. Keeping pace with Southern migration, ORCO established facilities in Concord, North Carolina, Chattanooga, Tennessee, and then Ringgold, Georgia, to provide fast and dependable service to customers in those areas.

Organic Today

Today Organic Dyestuffs Corporation's customer base extends throughout the United States and numerous foreign countries. Facilities are located in Rhode Island and North Carolina. Available dye classes include acid, basic, direct, disperse, mordant, fiber reactive, sulfur, solvent, vat, and ink dyes, in addition to a full range of pigments and chemical auxiliaries.

ORCO employs a complete team of professional problem solvers dedicated to responding quickly to meet the changing needs of their customers. As a result of this commitment and dedication, ORCO has earned a reputation for technical expertise and customer service which has resulted in many long-standing customer relationships worldwide.

Organic Dyestuffs Corporation is proud to be considered one of the industry's most dependable sources of conventional, specialty, discontinued, and custom-formulated dyestuffs, pigments, and chemical auxiliaries, and looks forward to servicing the needs of the dye industry for many more years to come.