Everything looks better with a color coating. Not only does it look better, but also performs better. Organic Dyes and Pigments’ forte and mission is to provide its customers and coatings formulators with a custom colorant solution to meet their product’s demanding physical property requirements. These solutions are always designed with sustainability, cost effectiveness, and performance criteria in mind.

Our high-performing dyes and pigments, a critical component of protective and identification coatings, provide corrosion protection, are durable, heat stable, chemical & solvent resistant, have high lightfastness, are easy to use, and also provide the perfectly-matched color shade you desire.

Almost anything can be color coated. For example, agricultural applications consist of seed, fertilizer, and mulch coating.  Some industrial surfaces requiring coatings consist of wood, metals such as steel and aluminum, composites, concrete, paper, and laminates.

Because different products have different surfaces, it is critical to select the proper colorant. Organic Dyes and Pigments’ lines of OrcoAcid™ and Orcozine™ water-based and OrcoSolve MC™ solvent-based dyes are used in wood stain formulations, on aluminum & foil, as well as many other industrial applications. Our Organic and Inorganic pigments for coatings, available in powder, presscake, and aqueous dispersion forms, can meet almost any physical demand required by a durable topical coating.

Contact us now – we look forward to providing professional technical support in developing a color coating solution for you.