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Fly Fishing — FlyDye™

FlyDye™ line offers fly fishing dyes, jig and fly tyer dyes for dry and wet flys. It is the commercial name assigned by Organic Dyes and Pigments to a selected number of synthetic dyestuffs which have a specific affinity for protein fibers as well as selected synthetics such as nylon.

The majority of materials used by fly tyers and jig makers for fishing, such as bucktails, animal furs and bird feathers are of a protein nature. Consequently FlyDyes™ when applied to protein fibers will produce a clean, water fast range of blacks , grays, reds, blues and yellows as well as many specialized vivid fluorescent oranges ,pinks and yellow/greens.

With these line of colors — commercial jig and fur suppliers to the Fly Tying trade can expand their color range availability. In addition because of the smaller packaging available and ease of use — the smaller Fly suppliers can have greater flexibility with their color palette.

How FlyDyes™ work:

All hair and feathers are of a protein nature containing amino groups ( NH2), which are positively charged (+). Acid dyes are anionic in nature and carry a negative charge (-). This being said, the negatively charged dye molecules attach themselves to the positively charged NH2 groups on the fur and feather materials forming strong water resistant bonds.

The molecular weight and size of various classes of dyes will vary. Dyes having a high molecular weight have a very high affinity for the fiber being dyed whereas lower molecular weight dyes tend to dye slower and require more addition of acid (vinegar) to lower the dye bath pH and promote dye exhaust.

Product Name  
Flydye™ Yellow #1
* Flydye™ Canary Yellow
Flydye™ Fluorescent Canary Yellow
Flydye™ Green Yellow G
* Flydye™ Chartreuse
* Flydye™ Brilliant Orange
* Flydye™ Jungle Cock Orange
* Flydye™ Bright Orange
Flydye™ Salmon Egg #1
Flydye™ Rose Red
Flydye™ Cardinal Red
* Flydye™ Pink
* Flydye™ Hot Pink (1)
* Flydye™ Claret (2)
Flydye™ Shrimp Pink (1)
Flydye™ Highlander Green
Flydye™ Green Ghost
* Flydye™ Insect Green #1
* Flydye™ Olive #2
* Flydye™ Kelly Green
Flydye™ Moss Green
Flydye™ Burnt Orange
* Flydye™ Carribean Blue (2)
Flydye™ Turquoise Blue
* Flydye™ Royal Blue (2)
Flydye™ Purple
Flydye™ Wood Duck Brown
* Flydye™ Cinnamon Brown #1
Flydye™ Dk. Cinnamon Brown
* Flydye™ Chocolate Brown
* Flydye™ Fiery Red Brown (2)
* Flydye™ Bright Rust Red
Flydye™ Grey G (2)
* Flydye™ DUN #1
* Flydye™ Slate DUN
* Flydye™ Blue DUN #1
* Flydye™ Brown DUN #1
* Flydye™ Black #1 (3)

(1) .25% (2) 2.00% (3) 4.00% * Use stronger acid to obtain full development of color(sulfuric acid).

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