Plastic Dyes, Colorants for Plastics | Organic Dyes and Pigments

Plastic Dyes and Plastic Coloring

We specialize in colorants for plastics and plastic dyes with our OrcoPlast line. The table below lists our dyes for plastics. Technical bulletins are available by contacting our nearest facility.

Product Name Color Index  
OrcoPlast™ Nigrosine SB Solvent Black 5
OrcoPlast™ Nigrosine NB Base Solvent Black 7
OrcoPlast™ Black RE Solvent Black 27
OrcoPlast™ Black CNL Solvent Black 28
OrcoPlast™ Blue B 200 Solvent Blue 35
OrcoPlast™ Blue AP Solvent Blue 36
OrcoPlast™ Blue 2GLN Solvent Blue 48
OrcoPlast™ Blue 20 Solvent Blue 58
OrcoPlast™ Blue N Solvent Blue 59
OrcoPlast™ Blue GN Solvent Blue 97
OrcoPlast™ ERO Blue Solvent Blue 102
OrcoPlast™ Blue 2B Solvent Blue 104
OrcoPlast™ Blue 2R Solvent Blue 128
OrcoPlast™ Green B Solvent Green 3
OrcoPlast™ Green 820 Solvent Green 28
OrcoPlast™ Orange PER Solvent Orange 60
OrcoPlast™ Orange Amber Solvent Orange 86
OrcoPlast™ Red 3R Solvent Red 18
OrcoPlast™ Red SBRO Solvent Red 23
OrcoPlast™ Red 4B Solvent Red 24
OrcoPlast™ Red 26 Solvent Red 26
OrcoPlast™ Red MX Solvent Red 27
OrcoPlast™ Red 5 Solvent Red 52
OrcoPlast™ Red SBA Solvent Red 111
OrcoPlast™ Red SBP Solvent Red 135
OrcoPlast™ Red SBSE Solvent Red 168
OrcoPlast™ Red SBSN Solvent Red 169
OrcoPlast™ Red SBPN Solvent Red 179
OrcoPlast™ Red SBTO Solvent Red 207
OrcoPlast™ Methyl Violet Base Solvent Violet 8
OrcoPlast™ Violet IRS Solvent Violet 13
OrcoPlast™ Violet M Solvent Violet 14
OrcoPlast™ Violet R Solvent Violet 26
OrcoPlast™ Violet 3B Solvent Violet 38
OrcoPlast™ Orange 2G Solvent Yellow 14
OrcoPlast™ Chinoline Yellow Solvent Yellow 33
OrcoPlast™ Yellow EF Solvent Yellow 56
OrcoPlast™ Yellow SBC Solvent Yellow 72
OrcoPlast™ Yellow GX Solvent Yellow 77
OrcoPlast™ Yellow 3G Solvent Yellow 93
OrcoPlast™ Yellow G Solvent Yellow 114
OrcoPlast™ Yellow GS Solvent Yellow 163
OrcoPlast™ Yellow TG Solvent Yellow 167
OrcoPlast™ Flourescent Green E Solvent Green 5
OrcoPlast™ Flourescent Orange FC Solvent Orange 63
OrcoPlast™ Flourescent Red G Disperse Red 227
OrcoPlast™ Rhodamine B Base Solvent Red 49
OrcoPlast™ Fluorescent Red 5B Vat Red 41
OrcoPlast™ Fluorescent Yellow 10GN Disperse Yellow 82
OrcoPlast™ Fluorescent Yellow 3GF Solvent Yellow 98
OrcoPlast™ Fluorescent Yellow FG Solvent Yellow 43
OrcoPlast™ Fluorescent Yellow 44 Solvent Yellow 44