ORCOBRITE™ Hi-Lightfast Pigments offered by Organic Dyes and Pigments


Liquid Pigments, Aqueous and Powder Pigments Supplier

We are a supplier of liquid pigments, aqueous and powder pigments. With Orcobrite Pigments, our company can offer a wide shade range available in liquid and powder forms. These can be used in a large variety of different applications included the textile, agriculture, and chemical compounding industries, just to name a few.

For the textile industry, these can be applied by exhaust methods (garment dyeing) on cellulosics, and by printing or padding. If good crocking and washfastness properties are required, it is recommended that Direct Dyes or Reactive Dyes be used. If non-staining characteristics are desired, our specialty line of OrcoTint liquid colorants should meet your requirements.

Orcobrite Pigments, unlike dyes which rely on either some form of ionic bonding or solution/gaseous penetration into the substrate, and being somewhat inert, need an external binding medium to provide fastness to washing and rubbing (crocking).

These binding agents, when properly cured, offer fair to good wash fastness with minimal crocking in light to medium depths of shade. The main advantages of pigments lay in their ease of use over a wide range of substrate blends and their good to excellent lightfastness. Since the binder system used dictates the cure/time temperatures necessary, careful attention to the technical data for the binder should be exercised.

Our pigments can also be custom-formulated for paper, leather, chemical tinting, and almost any other application that requires an aqueous pigment dispersion.

Technical bulletins are available by contacting our nearest facility.

We also have three full-service laboratories available to our customers for computer shade-matching, and technical problem-solving. Our highly skilled laboratory professionals are also available for in-plant trial runs and problem solving.