Biological Stains are dyes which are frequently used in biology and medicine to highlight structures in biological tissues. These biological stains are also used in the identification and study of polymer structures.

Organic Dyes and Pigments® offers custom-packaging and labeling for these products.

Color Index

Common Name

Acid Black 001

Naphthol Blue Black

Acid Black 002


Acid Blue 001

Patent Blue VF

Acid Blue 003

Patent Blue Violet

Acid Blue 007

Patent Blue A

Acid Blue 009


Acid Blue 022

China Blue

Acid Blue 045

Alizarin Saphirol

Acid Blue 083

Brilliant Blue R

Acid Blue 083

Brilliant Blue R250

Acid Blue 083

PhastGel Blue R

Acid Blue 090

Brilliant Blue G

Acid Blue 090

Brilliant Blue G250

Acid Blue 093

Methyl Blue

Acid Blue 110

Alkali Blue 5B

Acid Blue 147

Xylene Cyanol FF

Acid Blue 215

Uniblue A sodium salt

Acid Green 001

Naphthol Green B

Acid Green 003

Guiney Green B

Acid Green 005

Light Green SF

Acid Green 025

Alizarin Cyanine Green

Acid Orange 005

Orange IV

Acid Orange 006

Tropaeolin O

Acid Orange 007

Orange II sodium salt

Acid Orange 010

Orange G

Acid Red 002

Methyl Red

Acid Red 018

New Coccine

Acid Red 018

Ponceau 4R

Acid Red 026

Xylidine Ponceau 2R

Acid Red 027


Acid Red 051


Acid Red 051

Erythrosin B

Acid Red 051

Erythrosin B Sodium Salt

Acid Red 066

Biebrich Scarlet

Acid Red 073

Brilliant Crocein MOO

Acid Red 087

Eosin Y Disodium Salt

Acid Red 092

Phloxine B

Acid Red 094

Rose Bengal sodium salt

Acid Red 112

Ponceau S

Acid Violet 019

Acid Fuchsin

Acid Yellow 001

Naphthol Yellow S

Acid Yellow 003

Quinoline Yellow

Acid Yellow 023


Acid Yellow 036

Metanil Yellow

Acid Yellow 073


Basic Blue 009

Methylene Blue

Basic Blue 011

Victoria Blue R

Basic Blue 012

Nile Blue A

Basic Blue 020

Methyl Green

Basic Blue 026

Victoria Blue B

Basic Brown 001

Bismarck Brown B

Basic Brown 001

Bismarck Brown Y

Basic Green 001

Brilliant Green

Basic Orange 014

Acridine Orange zinc chloride salt

Basic Red 001

Rhodamine 6G

Basic Red 002

Safranin T

Basic Red 005

Neutral Red

Basic Red 009

Basic Fuchsin

Basic Violet 001

Methyl Violet 2B

Basic Violet 002

New Fuchsin

Basic Violet 003

Crystal Violet

Basic Violet 010

Rhodamine B

Basic Violet 014

Fuchsin Basic

Basic Yellow 002


Direct Blue 001

Chicago Sky Blue 6B

Direct Blue 014

Trypan Blue

Direct Blue 053

Evans Blue

Direct Blue 071

Sirius Light Blue BRR

Direct Red 028

Congo Red

Direct Red 080

Sirius Red

Direct Yellow 012


Mordant Black 011

Chrome Black T

Mordant Black 017


Mordant Black 017

Chrome Black R

Mordant Blue 001

Chromeazurol B

Mordant Blue 003

Chrome Cyanine R

Mordant Orange 001

Alizarine Yellow R

Reactive Blue 004

Victoria Blue B Base

Reactive Blue 019

We call Reactive Blue RW

Solvent Black 003

Sudan Black B

Solvent Blue 003

Aniline Blue

Solvent Blue 038

In trade – Luxol Fast Blue MBSN

Solvent Orange 007

Sudan II

Solvent Red 023

Sudan III

Solvent Red 024

Sudan IV

Solvent Red 049

Rhodamine B Base

Solvent Yellow 033

Quinoline Yellow