ag photoOrganic Dyes and Pigments is a major colorant supplier to the floral, dried flowers, mulch, fertilizer & seed, ice-melt & deicing, pond & lake, and water-tracing & leak detection industries. The Agriculture industry can be divided into many different groups where color-application is required. The main groups that Organic focuses on are Floral, Mulch & Landscaping, Pond Dyes, Ice-Melt & DeicingFarm & Livestock and Seed Treatment, Crop Protection, & Fertilizer Colorants. The Food, Drug & Cosmetic(F&DC) and specialty OrcoTint NS Non-Staining Polymeric dyes and/or pigments are carefully selected for the unique application at hand addressing durability, safety, and environmental issues. If you are not sure what the best product is for your situation, just contact us or fill out the Technical Support Request Form and one of our sales representatives or technicians will promptly respond with a personal telephone call.

Floral Dyes

Organic Dyes and Pigments offers a wide variety of Acid, Basic & FD&C Dyes perfect for live flowers, dried flowers and other floral products such as raffia.

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Mulch & Landscaping Dyes

Mulch and Landscaping bark dyes from Organic Dyes and Pigments offer a wide variety of color options, as well as custom shade matching services from our full-service laboratory.

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Pond Dyes

Pond Dyes from Organic Dyes and Pigments are used to improve the aesthetics of your pond, as well as minimize algae growth.

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Farm & Livestock Dyes

Farm and Livestock dyes are used in products found throughout farm operations. From livestock marketing to fertilizer and hoof treatments, Organic Dyes and Pigments has a color to meet your needs.

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Seed Colorants

Seed treatment colorants are used for visual identification for proper application, hazard prevention, and vendor product branding.

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