Farm and livestock colorants are basically used in fertilizer coatings, fertilizer application markers, dairy farm sanitation identification, and a myriad of livestock applications such as identification markers, hoof treatments, and udder preparations.

Typical colorants used in this industry are shown below, many of which are available in powder, liquid, and paste forms. If you need technical assistance to determine or develop the best product for your coloring needs just contact us or submit a Technical Support Form.

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Dye Colorants

Orcozine™ Victoria Blue BO

Orcozine™ Rhodamine B 500%

Orcozine™ Blue GRLA

Orcozine™ Green V

Orcozine™ Chrysoidine

Orcoacid™ Red 40

Orcoacid™ Red 27 Crude

Orco™ Amaranth Supra

Orco™ Alizarine Green GHN-A Conc

Orcoacid™ Tartrazine Conc

Orcoacid™ Brill Blue FG Crude

Orco™ Reactive Orange BF-2RX

Orco™ Reactive Yellow BF-2RG

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FD&C/ D&C Colorants

FD&C Yellow #5

FD&C Yellow #6

FD&C Blue #2

FD&C Blue #1

FD&C Red #40

FD&C Red #3

FD&C Green #3

D&C Green #5

D&C Yellow #10

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Pigment Colorants

Orcobrite Pigment Green BGD-2A

Orcobrite Pigment Green TAT-1

Orcobrite™ Pigment Black KN 8050 KGP

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Specialty Products

Orcosolve Green BY-S

Orco™ Synthrowite NCR-2

Actual dye samples must be evaluated in a laboratory on medium to be dyed in production for accurate shade and physical property results. Shades shown on print material and computer monitors are for general reference only as they are inherently inaccurate due to calibration variations and technical limitations of monitors and printers.