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Organic Dyes and Pigments offers a wide array of colorants used in the floral industry, which is comprised of live flowers, dried flowers and a variety of other vegetation such as raffia for example. Below is a listing of  specialty dyes necessary for floral applications.

for Live Flowers

Orcochrome™ Black Jet L Powder

Orcolan Fast Black BN

Orcoacid Blue V EX Conc

Orcoacid Patent Blue V

Orcoacid Brilliant Blue FG

Orcoacid Brilliant Blue FG EX Liquid

Technical Bulletin

Orcoacid Alizarine Fast Blue SWA

Orcoacid Brilliant Alizarine Blue R

Orco Milling Brilliant Blue BL

Orcoacid Blue LLW

Orcoacid Orange A

Orcoacid Orange 2G

Orcoacid Phloxine GR

Orcoacid Azo Rubine CWH

Orcoacid Brilliant Scarlet 3R-L

Orcoacid Sulpho Rhodamine B

Orcoacid Fast Light Yellow 2G

Orcoterge Yellow GLD

Orcoterge Yellow RY

Orcoacid Fluoresciene

Orcoacid Brilliant Flavine 8GN

Orcoacid Napthalamine Green 2G

Orcoacid Alizarine Cyanine Green GHN

Orcoacid Violet 2R

Orcoacid Fuchsine 6B

Orcoacid Carmine 4B

for Dried Flowers

Orcozine Black OLN

Orcozine Blue 6G

Orcozine Blue 3G

Orcozine Brilliant Blue BO

Orcozine Methyl Blue 2B

Orcozine Blue BRL

Orcozine Blue F2RL

Orcozine Blue NF

Orcozine Bismark Brown R

Orcozine Chrysoidine Y

Orcozine Orange G

Orcozine Brilliant Red 4GB

Orcozine Brilliant Red BN

Orcozine Red GTL

Orcozine Red GRL

Orcozine Yellow L

Orcozine Yellow 7GLL

Orcozine Golden Yellow GL

Orcozine Yellow 6DL

Orcozine Yellow SFR

Orcozine Brilliant Yellow 10GFF

Orcozine Methly Violet 2B

Orcozine Rhodamine B

Orcozine Rhodine BL

Orcozine Rhodamine RBK

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