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textile finishing agents

Mini Mill (Wool & Natural Fibers) Processing Agents

For the Wool Farm and Cottage Spinning Industries
A collection of very popular wool scour, lubricant, anti-static and cohesion agents for the farm Mini Mill and similar processing industry.

Technical Bulletins

Orconol CHSA Conc™

Ethoxylated alcohol blend
Highly concentrated nonionic blended surfactant designed for scouring at a wide range of temperatures.   Orconol CHSA Conc performs as a detergent, emulsifier, wetting agent, and dispersant.

Technical Bulletin

Orco Dye Assist 10-4 Liquid™


An exceptional dyeing assistant for retarding, wetting, and leveling of stock, package, or piece-dyeing of wool and polyamides.

Technical Bulletin

Orco Penetrant 120™

A versatile nonionic wetting agent providing excellent wetting characteristics with minimum foaming over a wide temperature range.

Technical Bulletin

Orcopon KP™

Anionic/nonionic blend
Specialty product designed as a prescouring and after-soaping agent for vat, reactive, and azoic dyed fibers providing brighter shades and improved wetfastness.

Technical Bulletin

Orcoterge ALK-N Conc™

Ethoxy-phosphate ester
High performance scouring agent suitable for use in highly alkaline conditions such as peroxide bleach baths, clearing processes, kier boil-offs, and machine cleaners.

Technical Bulletin

Orco Salt O Solution™

Ethoxylated alcohol
High cloud-point surfactant used as an in-bath scouring agent during dyeing.  Because of Orco Salt O Solution’s high-temperature stability, this product functions as an excellent leveling and transfer agent for Acid dyes on wool and nylon.

Technical Bulletin

OrcoWet DSN™

Succinate blend
A very effective wetting agent  in continuous dyeing and improves flow in package and beam dyeing processes.

Technical Bulletin


Ammonium salt of polyoxyethylene nonylphenyl ether

Technical Bulletin

OrcoWet PA™

Nonionic Polyethyleneoxy Derivative
A very effective dyeing assistant offering excellent wetting, retarding, and anti-crocking & static properties.

Technical Bulletin

Orco Citrus Solve DL-AAS-2™

D-Limonene micro-emulsion
High efficiency d-Limonene concentrate with both acid and alkaline stability for use in the removal of  wax, grease, and hydrocarbon stains.

Technical Bulletin

ECCO™ Cleaner AK

a unique biodegradable solvent cleaner

Technical Bulletin


Biodegradable nonionic detergent and scouring agent

Technical Bulletin


Highly concentrated Docusate sodium low-foaming wetting agent and emulsifier

Technical Bulletin


Low foaming wetting agent that does not rewet after curing

Technical Bulletin

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