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textile finishing agents

Orco Dispersant 851™

Polyethyleneglycol tallate
An effective dye bath dispersant for dyeing synthetic fibers with disperse dyes.  It is particularly useful in nylon hosiery applications where uniformity and levelness are very important.

Technical Bulletin

Orco Dispersant NRF™

Condensate of sulphonic acids
Reserving agent for acid dyes on nylon and wool to promote levelness.

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Orco Dispersant B-1™

Anionic sulphonate
Anionic dispersant in powder form for improving dispersion and solubility of dyes.

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Orcopon PCA™ / Orcopon PC-60™

Nonionic dispersant  for improving dispersion and solubility of dyes and cleaning agent for cotton, wool, and most synthetics.

Technical Bulletin

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