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textile finishing agents

Orco Nylosol Leveler TWA™

Modified Polyoxyethlene Fatty Amino Acid and Polyglycol Ether blend
Designed primarily for the level dyeing of nylon piece goods with Orco Nylosol™ dyes.

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Orco Leveler LW-470™

Ethoxylated cationic fatty amine
A high-efficiency leveler / retarder for wool and various blends.

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Orco Buffer 14 Powder™

A specially compounded buffer for use in nylon and wool dyeing to help control strike rates of most acid dyes.

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Orcopon PCA™ / Orcopon PC-60™

A specially designed nonionic dispersing agent and cleaning agent for use on cotton, wool, and most synthetics.

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Orco Nylosol Leveler ACN™

Cationic / Nonionic
An efficient leveling agent for use on polyamides, especially those with varying dye affinity.

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Orco Polylev B 400™

A highly effective clearing agent for polyester which produces brighter and cleaner shades and eliminates the possibility of contamination from unfixed dyes.

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Orcowet PA™

Nonionic Polyethyleneoxy derivative

A polyethyleneoxy derivative designed to be used as a dyeing assistant and dye retarder.

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Orco Dye Assist 10-4 Liquid™


An exceptional textile & fabric dyeing assistant for use on wool and polyamides for retarding, wetting and leveling on stock, package or piece dyeing.

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Orco Auxiliary OLG/LB™


An in-bath additive for high-temperature dyeing of polyester and blends with cotton and/or wool.

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