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textile finishing agents

Orco Nylosol Leveler TWA™

Modified Polyoxyethlene Fatty Amino Acid and Polyglycol Ether blend

Designed primarily for the level dyeing of nylon piece goods with Orco Nylosol™ dyes.

Technical Bulletin

Orco Leveler LW-470™

Ethoxylated cationic fatty amine
A high-efficiency leveler / retarder for wool and various blends.

Technical Bulletin

Orco Leveler AN-NF™

An amphoteric type leveling agent for use in the dyeing of 100% nylon and blends with wool.

Technical Bulletin

Orco Leveler T-330™

Cationic / Nonionic
An efficient leveler / retarder for wool and wool/nylon blends, and acrylic.

Technical Bulletin

Orco Nylosol Leveler ACN™

Cationic / Nonionic
An efficient leveling agent for use on polyamides, especially those with varying dye affinity.

Technical Bulletin

Orco Polylev B 400™

A stable nonionic leveling agent designed primarily for promoting the level dyeing of polyester under pressure at 230-275°F(110-135°C).

Technical Bulletin

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