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Dyes for Anodized Aluminum add bright, vibrant colors to aluminum, but can also present a variety of subtle dye shades for aluminum, especially when used for architectural components. Over the past few years, there have been many technical and supply developments with Anodizing Dyes.

Join Organic Dyes and Pigments LLC (ORCO) at the 28th Annual Anodizing Conference & Exposition, to be held October 1-3 at the Royal Sonesta Galleria, Houston Texas. Conference registration and program information can be found HERE.

This Conference is sponsored by the Aluminum Anodizing Council (AAC) and will include two presentations by ORCO Representatives. Reserve copies of these papers, available AFTER the conference, by indicating your interest on our Contact Form orco contact button - organic dyes

Randy Yorston, (Business Development & Marketing Manager) will present the paper “Global Anodizing Dye Perspective – Navigating the Dynamic Supply”:

The use of dyes for anodizing has a long and varied history and there is no doubt that dyeing aluminum (and some other metals) through the anodizing process yields a variety of rich, stunning colors. Anodizing Dyes can turn a simple aluminum part into a premium object, often mimicking other more expensive metals or metal finishes.

Anodizing Dyes are not created solely for the anodization process – instead, they are derived from dyes commonly used around the world for everything from Textile Dyeing and Printing to Water Tracing, Printing Inks, Agricultural Products, Detergents, and Paper Manufacturing.

Even though Anodizing Dyes represent a worldwide use of dyes, nonetheless they are subject to the global demand, availability and market pricing that affects all dyes. Since almost all dyes are manufactured in China, India, and to a smaller extent, Europe, any disruption of supply from these countries has a ripple effect across all industries that use dyes.

This paper will explore the world wide dye market and detail how recent environmental and production changes in dye manufacture in China has set the world wide dye market in turmoil.

Christian Ebbrecht (ORCO Representative and Owner, Broadhead Technology) will present the paper “Practical and Effective Test Methods for Managing Organic Dye Baths in Anodizing Job Shops”:

Anodizing shops often rely on their suppliers for information about their organic dye tanks, often requiring lab testing and corrective action. This time-consuming process causes significant delays, reductions in process efficiency and increases in turnaround time for customers.

Practical and effective test methods for testing dye baths are presented, along with visual test methods for quick solution management. Easy test methods with minimal equipment investment are provided.

Strategies for approaching a troubled organic dye bath are outlined. This paper gives the anodizing shop the ability to make decisions in real-time. Anodizers are educated to effectively manage their own chemistry.

ORCO has been a Global Supplier of Anodizing Dyes for over 20 years. You can find technical information and a listing of dyes HERE.


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