Organic and Inorganic pigments are offered in powder and dispersion form, with some pigment color index products offered in different grades designed for different applications.  These applications include primarily coatings, inks, plastics, and textiles.  Additional industries where our OrcoPerm™ OR, ORCO™, OrcoSperse™, and OrcoBrite™ pigments are used include agricultural seed & fertilizer coatings, construction materials, paint, and pulp & paper.

Let us develop the perfect color solution for your product–meeting all shade and physical property requirements in the most cost-effective manner possible.

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OrcoPerm™ OR Organic Pigments are available in powder, presscake, and dispersion form in a wide variety of shades.   Custom powder blends and dispersions are available upon request.

ORCO™ Inorganic Pigments include anti-corrosives, a bismuth vanadate yellow, chrome yellows, chromium oxide greens, complex inorganics, iron oxides, molybdate oranges, milori & ultramarine blues, titanium oxide whites, and carbon blacks.

OrcoSperse™ & ECCO™ Pigment Dispersions consist of primarily organic pigment aqueous dispersions designed for textile printing, padding, & garment dyeing, in addition to some non-textile applications.

OrcoBrite™ Fluorescent Pigments are specialty formulated bright fluorescent pigments available in powder and dispersion form.

ECCO™ Flexographic Pigments  are water-based pigment dispersions specifically designed for flexographic printing on many substrates such as films, paper, plastic, and metal foil.