Orcocryl FRM™

Orcocryl FRM™ is a high glass transition temperature acrylic polymer emulsion designed for improving firmness of hand in nonionic and anionic pigment padding systems where PVA usage is not possible.


Physical Properties

Appearance Milky white emulsion
Odor Sweet
Film Clear, hard, non-tacky
pH 4.0 – 4.5



  • Improved hand without loss of fastness
  • Compatibility with many chemical systems
  • The addition of formaldehyde type cross-linkers to improve hand is not necessary
  • Less tendency than PVA’s to build up on pad rolls and cans



Depending on hand desired and base binder being used, it is recommended to add 20% to 25% Orcocryl FRM™ on the weight of pigment binder being used as a starting formulation.

Padding and curing should be done as usual.

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