OrcoSoft NQ 320-S™

OrcoSoft NQ 320-S™ is a unique cold-water dispersible cationic softener, lubricant, and anti-static agent and produces an unusually smooth, soft hand on synthetic fibers and cotton. Being a non-quaternary type softener, OrcoSoft NQ 320-S™ offers less effluent problems than comparable type softeners.

Physical Properties

Appearance Off-white smooth paste
Ionic Nature Cationic
Compatibility Compatible with cationic and non-ionic materials, finishing agents, and hard water
Shelf Life Excellent in closed containers



  • Smooth paste with complete dispersion in cold water
  • No need for pre-mixing or live steam
  • A direct addition to the finish bath
  • Softening without shade changes
  • Complete solubility and exhaustion to minimize crocking
  • Fiber lubrication and anti-static protection when added to dye baths



OrcoSoft NQ 320-S™ can be applied to all natural and synthetic fibers by exhaustion, pad, or spray methods.


On acrylic, polyester, nylon, and blends –  use 1-2% OrcoSoft NQ 320-S™ on weight of fabric(owf) in the final rinse at 70-90°F(21-32°C). Run for 5-10 minutes.

On package work, rinse away anionic detergents before applying the softener.

In exhaustion onto synthetics, more uniformity results at lower than at higher temperatures with the pH adjusted to 6.0 with acetic acid. As a result, treated fibers exhibit superior drying, picking, spinning and knitting properties.

On cotton piece goods, pad on a 1.5% dispersion of OrcoSoft NQ 320-S™ for a soft hand. On cotton knit goods, apply 0.5-1.0% owf OrcoSoft NQ 320-S™ in the washer or dye beck. Treat cotton hose with 0.5-1.0% owf OrcoSoft NQ 320-S™ added directly to the wash-wheel after the final rinse.

For a cashmere-like hand on woolen and worsted goods, apply 1.0-3.0% owf OrcoSoft NQ 320-S™ in fulling or in the final rinse.

As a napping assistant, 3.0-5.0% OrcoSoft NQ 320-S™ on weight of bath can be padded onto the fabric or 1.0% owf may be run in the dyebath to impart a soft, high pile. Many Orco Synthrowite optical whiteners are compatible with OrcoSoft NQ 320-S™ in the same bath.

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