How to Treat Spandex® & Blends with a Soil Release Agent

A recommended soil release procedure for Spandex®, especially in blends with nylon or polyester, involves using Orco Soil Release NC 108™.  Orco Soil Release NC 108™ is a fluorocarbon-based finishing agent developed for synthetic and natural/synthetic blended fabrics.  Orco Soil Release NC 108™   exhibits extremely effective soil release affects, as well as good oil repellency.  By combined use with our fluorocarbon-based water/oil repellent agents such as Repel Z-L, an outstanding water, oil, and stain repellent finish is obtained.

Orco Soil Release NC 108™ maintains its strong soil release power on synthetics and natural/synthetic blends even after repeated washings.  The oil repellency is also durable to washing.  The nonionic nature of Orco Soil Release NC 108™ means it is compatible with other auxiliaries and finishing agents.

The optimum usage of Orco Soil Release NC 108™ depends on the material to be treated, the presence of other agents, and the desired affects.  The optimum standard usage level is a 1-3% owb solution applied by a pad-dry-cure process for effective soil release and oil repellency.

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