Colorant Solutions for Construction Materials

The construction industry uses products which demand high performance in many areas–they must be durable, corrosion resistant, heat stable, weather resistant, lightfast, safe, environmentally friendly, and cost effective. Organic Dyes and Pigments’ team of chemists strive to develop dye and pigment colorant solutions to meet these needs, to provide unique product identification, and to make them aesthetically pleasing. Our  Organic and Inorganic pigments, available in easily-dispersible powders, presscake, and aqueous dispersion forms, can meet almost any physical demand required by a durable topical coating and can be used in many applications such as wood stains & identification, industrial coatings, recycled products, foam & fiberglass insulation, adhesives, and polishing compounds. For applications where high lightfastness is required for warranted outdoor products, formulations will include our inorganic Orco™ iron oxide, titanium dioxide, chromium oxide, and cobalt pigments. These are applicable to ceramic tiles, concrete, cement & mortar, stucco & plaster, paper & fiberglass composites & laminates, mildew & fire resistant gypsum wallboards, rubber mulch, coil coatings, and cool roofing products.   Whatever colorant solution you need to meet the unique required physical properties of your end product, contact us so we can develop the perfect one for you.

  Abrasives, Adhesives, Sealants, & Tape | Aluminum & Metals | Composites & Laminates

Concrete & Masonry  | Gypsum & Wallboard | NonWovens & Insulation  | Wood  Stains & Treatment 

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stock-photo-7089383-power-sanderAbrasives, Adhesives, Sealants, & Tape are used extensively in the construction industry.  Example materials include resin-bonded colored sanding discs, pads, belts, sponges, rolls, & sheets, adhesives for wood, stone, & tile, flexible silicone sealants & caulking, and various tapes for industrial, insulation, & HVAC duct applications. Our dyes and pigments offer the lightfastness and heat-stability properties required to meet the high demands of the environments these materials are used in.  View the list of our standard dyes & pigments for these applications.

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stock-photo-23752485-roofAluminum & Metals …architectual coatings…”cool-roofing”…..coil coatings for metal roofs & siding panels…solar heat reflection….energy-saving…anodized aluminum…lightfast and chemical & weather resistant pigments…..heat-stable colorants…View the list of our standard dyes & pigments for these applications.

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Composites & Laminates i…wood polymer composite…recycled plastics & wood…high-pressure & high-temperature stable….natural compostable wooden products…Fiberglas-reinforced polymer laminates….Formica…

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Concrete & Masonry   …Solvent dyes, acid dyes, pigments…concrete chemical technology….concrete polishing…solvent-based…interior or exterior architectual polished concrete…stamped concrete…low VOC….transparent colors….ASTM C979 —  Standard Specification for Pigments for Integrally Colored Concrete….High-Lightfast, stable to high alkalinity, non-bleeding…..iron oxide pigments…fiber-cement products such as siding…grout, stucco…inorganic pigments including Complex,  Iron Oxides, Infra-Red Reflectance , Cobalt Blues, Chromium Oxide Greens, Titanium Dioxide Whites….cementitious material

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Gypsum & Wallboard ….plywood, strand board, lumber….durable and fire & mold-resistant interior & exterior gypsum wallboard, drywall, & sheathing….fiberglass mat…also paper-facing drywall…ASTM D 3273 mold resistance…

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NonWovens & Insulation …..geotextile membranes…carbon & fiberglas 3D technical fabrics…weed & erosion control fabrics…non-woven air & moisture barrier wraps…reinforcement mesh….water-proofing membrane…interior & exterior insulation…fiberglas underlayment…foam board…insulating & acoustic sound-isolation properties…ceiling tiles…fiberglas-based resin-bonded non-wovens….spray-foam insulation…

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Wood Stains & Treatment …..preservative-treated..ASTM E-90…noise barriers…lumber, plywood, particle board…NFPA 703 International Building Code…ESR-1791…kiln-dried…fire-retardant…CCA Preservative…UL Design No. V314




Pre- & Post-Harvest

(Meets 40 CFR 180.910 Regs)


(Meets 40 CFR 180.920 Regs)


Crop Protection


OrcoSeed™ Yellow Powder

OrcoPerm™ OR Yellow G

OrcoSolve™ Yellow 2GN-MC

D&C Yellow 10

FD&C Yellow 5

OrcoSeed™ Orange Liquid

FD&C Yellow 6

OrcoSolve™ Fire Red G-MC

FD&C Red 3

D&C Red 17

OrcoSeed™ Pigment Red 2RWS

FD&C Red 40

OrcoSeed™ Red SW Liquid

D&C Red 33

OrcoPerm™ OR Red FGR

OrcoPerm™ OR Red 2BP

OrcoSeed™ Pigment Red Violet 3RN 6050

OrcoSeed™ Red B-CR Powder

OrcoSeed™ Pigment Red RSS

OrcoSeed™ Pigment Red 2RYG

OrcoSeed™ Rhodamine BRS

OrcoSeed™ Bright Red Liquid

OrcoSeed™ Violet B-MV Powder

OrcoPerm™ OR Violet 4BN

OrcoSeed™ Plum Liquid

OrcoSeed™ Violet AB Powder

OrcoTint™ NS Violet                non-staining

D&C Violet 2

OrcoSolve™ Blue GN-MC

OrcoMilori™ Blue NC

OrcoSeed™ Blue CR

FD&C Blue 1

OrcoTint™ NS Blue                    non-staining

OrcoPerm™ OR Blue 3GN

OrcoTint™ NS Royal Blue         non-staining

FD&C Blue 2

D&C Green 6

FD&C Green 3

D&C Green 5

OrcoSeed™ Malachite Green Liquid

OrcoPerm™ OR Green BN

OrcoSeed™ Pigment Green BN-WS

OrcoSolve™ Green BY-S

OrcoSeed™ Pigment Green 555

OrcoSeed™ Green BG Ex Liquid

Titanium Dioxide*

Orco Synthrowite™ NCR-2

OrcoPerm™ IO Black S-M

Orco™ IO Iron Oxides*

(as solid diluent or carrier)

*All dyes and pigments must first be evaluated on the material to be colored in a laboratory environment to confirm color, physical properties, and adherence to all government health, safety, and environmental rules and regulations.  Shades shown on print material and computer monitors are for general reference only as they are inherently inaccurate due to calibration variations and technical limitations of monitors and printers.