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ORCO - Organic Dyes & Pigments

Organic Dyes and Pigments (ORCO) is a leading supplier of high-quality dyes, pigments, and chemical auxiliaries to a broad base of manufacturers and industries where color is an important feature of a finished product. Our experience and technical expertise with colorants include agriculture, ice melts, car washes, soaps and detergents, portable sanitation, fuels, oils, and lubricants, seed treatment, textiles, water tracing/UV leak detection, and a variety of industries and markets.

We respond quickly to the needs of our customers with on-time delivery, high-quality custom colorant formulations, advanced computer shade matching, dedicated customer service and troubleshooting, and deeply experienced technical and laboratory staff. ORCO has sales, production, warehousing, and laboratory facilities in Rhode Island & South Carolina.

Are your dyes and pigments bio-derived and all-natural?

Despite our name, our dyes are NOT the all-natural “organic” type dyes as the word is used these days. Our dyes are derived from Organic Chemistry and manufactured via traditional methods. However, we do have a number of dyes that ARE either EPA Approved, Safe for human contact, or approved for food contact.

Will you sell to consumers?

While we don’t mind hearing occasionally from Aunt Mildred who wants to re-dye her couch cover, we only sell to established businesses in production-sized quantities – 25 lb and larger boxes of powdered dyes, drums and totes of liquid dyes.

Do you have dyes in stock?

We attempt to keep a stock of our most popular dyes and pigments for our continuing and repeat customers. We do work closely with our customers on forecasting so that we can enhance product availability. Your ORCO Representative can provide a better specific dye or pigment availability status..

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Talk to an Organic Dye & Pigment Expert Today

Our representatives can help you choose the best dye or pigment for your industrial manufacturing needs. gif maker - organic dyes

Corporate Office
1 Crownmark Dr.
Lincoln, RI  02865

Tel: 800-556-6784
Tel: 401-434-3300
Fax: 401-434-2390

South Carolina Division
100 Industrial Dr
Union, SC  29379

Tel: 800-556-6784
Tel: 401-434-3300
Fax: 864-427-5824

UKAS Management Systems & Perry Johnson Registrars - ORCO

ISO 9001:2015 Certified
No. C2022 – 00635
(RI & SC Locations)

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