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Organic Dyes and Pigments is a major colorant supplier to the floral, dried flowers, fertilizer & seed, ice-melt & deicing, pond & lake, and water-tracing & leak detection industries. The Agriculture industry can be divided into many different groups where color-application is required. The main groups that Organic focuses on are Floral, Landscaping, Pond Dyes, Ice-Melt & Deicing, Farm & Livestock and Seed Treatment, Crop Protection, & Fertilizer Colorants. The Food, Drug & Cosmetic(F&DC) dyes and/or pigments are carefully selected for the unique application at hand addressing durability, safety, and environmental issues. If you are not sure what the best product is for your situation, just contact us or fill and one of our sales representatives or technicians will promptly respond with a personal telephone call.

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Floral dyes & pigments are widely used in the coloration of live and dried flowers such as carnations, potpourri, and raffia.  Industrial grade Specialty dyes are typically used and in some cases FD&C dyes.  We offer a unique aqueous Ready-To-Spray(RTS) coating system consisting of a wide shade range including copper, gold, bronze, and silver metallic-like decorative colors.

Hydroseed Green ColorantLandscaping can be enhanced by our full line of specialty colorants.  Our technicians have developed many interesting dyes and colorant systems for application to hydroseed, erosion-proof netting, forest fire retardant foam, gel, & water-drop locators, field markers, residential lawns, and golf courses.

Ponds & Lakes colorants are typically used for aesthetic purposes or to minimize algae growth.  Our standard colors, available in powder or liquid forms, are OrcoPond™ Blue ABN, OrcoPond™ Yellow AYT, and OrcoPond™ Black .   Custom colors can be developed upon request.

Ice-Melt & De-Icing coloration aids in the visual identification of icy areas that have been treated.  With safety being a primary concern in areas such as stairways, pedestrian sidewalks, parking lots, and industrial loading areas,  colorant-treated ice-melts help to minimize dangerous hazards.  OrcoTint NS™ colorants are the preferred color  ingredient in ice-melt formulations as they have minimal or virtually no staining effects to concrete, asphalt, brick, wood, clothing, shoes, leather, & carpet, and are  highly concentrated, environmentally friendly to vegetation, easy-to-use, and visually appealing.   They are also non-reactive to salts and are stable in rock salt, calcium chloride, sodium chloride, potassium chloride,  calcium magnesium acetate, and magnesium chloride formulations.

Livestock colorants are used in dairy farm sanitation identification, animal identification markers, hoof treatments, and udder preparations.  Colorants  are available in powder, liquid, and paste forms.

Seed Treatment, Crop Protection, & Fertilizer colorant solutions require a collaborative process between the colorant manufacturer and their customer. Organic Dyes and Pigments’ primary goal is to develop, from scratch if necessary, the perfect color solution for our customers’ products–meeting all shade, physical property, and government regulatory requirements in the most cost-effective manner possible. We offer a full line of seed coating, fertilizer, herbicide, and pesticide colorants which meet all EPA requirements.

Water Tracing & UV Leak Detection dyes consist of fluorescent Rhodamine WT and Fluoresciene dyes. ORCOACID™ tracer dyes are used in a variety of applications such as plumbing flowrate metrics, UV leak detection, geological water flow identification, industrial effluent discharge, automotive & machinery leak detection, and sea-marker safety / rescue.


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