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Our line of ORCO Synthrowite™ optical whiteners are suitable for textiles, plastics, paper, detergents, chemicals, and coatings and are available in both powder and liquid forms. If you have interest in powder brighteners for specialty applications just contact one of our nearest branch offices.

Organic Dyes and Pigments also has two full-service laboratories available to our customers for computer shade-matching and technical problem-solving.  Answers to some of your questions might also be found in our Technical Resources page.

Many of these compounds can be customized to fit your needs and requirements.

Talk to your Organic Dyes and Pigmenets LLC representative TODAY!

Applicable Substrate

Optical Name

Chemical Type

Acetate & Triacetate

Orco Synthrowite GWS™ New Liquid



Orco Synthrowite CAB-2™ Liquid


Cellulosic Fibers, Paper

Orco Synthrowite C-1000 Liquid



Orco Synthrowite NWV-A 130™ Conc Liquid

Distyryl Diphenyl Derivative

Polyester & Blends, Acetate

Eccowhite OP-10™



Orco Synthrowite GWS™ New Liquid


Detergents, cleaners, tracing

ORCO Synthrowite NWV-A130™ Conc Liquid

Distyryl Diphenyl Derivative

Plastics,  resins, solvent systems, epoxies, films

Eccowhite LOS™ Pwdr

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