ORCO provides custom dye formulation solutions to suit any unique requirement you may have. Our well-experienced chemists and technicians utilize shade books and experienced eyes to perform shade matches to any presented piece of material or substrate.  More importantly, we utilize spectrophotometers and color computers to verify the matches and to provide numerical data for the match, including tolerances for the match in three-dimensional space.

Custom Packaging for Custom Colorants

We can provide our powdered and liquid products in a variety of standard and specialized containers to meet your work environment and material handling requirements. Most powdered dyes are available in small sizes (5 and 10 lb) and larger sizes 25 lb and 55 lb boxes or kegs. Some of the powdered products are also available in dissolvable bags or “pods”. Contact your ORCO Representative with your dry powder packaging requirements.

Our liquid dyes and pigment dispersions are available in 30 gallon and 55 gallon drums, as well as 275 gallon totes. We can provide information on fittings and material handling equipment so that you can utilize the type of container that best fits your production environment.

Contact us and we will help to improve your end product, improving your bottom line.