A Fiber Mini Mill is a smaller, modular version of an industrial wool processing mill.  These mills process a variety of fibers for local or regional farmers looking to convert their fleece into yarn or felt.  Typical Mini Mill processing can include Carding, Blending, Drawing, Drying, Fiber Separation, Picking, Spinning, Steaming, Scouring, and Dyeing – all done on modular equipment designed and configured to optimize efficiency while maximizing the aesthetic appeal that is so unique to these beautiful fibers.

Organic Dyes and Pigments LLC has been a major supplier of colorants and processing chemicals to the global woolen industry for well over half a century. The explosive growth in Mini Mills and the Cottage Spinning Industry is driven by many factors – the desire for authenticity, reduction of footprint, artistic expression, and uniqueness.  Organic’s range of offerings are the discerned choice for processing wool, alpaca, llama, mohair, and many other natural fibers.

Eccoscour™ WA-305

Our Most Popular Wool Scouring Agent.  Eccoscour™ WA-305 is a carefully formulated biodegradable nonionic detergent and scouring agent for natural and synthetic fabrics and fibers. Eccoscour™ WA-305 is our most popular raw wool scouring agent and is especially effective for the removal of grease and lanolin from natural fibers helping facilitate the recovery of those valuable by-products for other uses.

Syntholube™ RT-8

Our Most Popular Wool Lubricant and Anti-static Agent.  Syntholube™ RT-8 is a highly concentrated non-ionic synthetic lubricant and anti-static for wool, woolen blends, and all synthetics. Syntholube™ RT-8 is ideal as a combing and pre-carding lubricant that contains no mineral oils, is non-yellowing, scours out easily, is biodegradable, and has no adverse effects on dyeing.

Lenospin™ SDS-85-2 Spin Cohesion Agent

LenospinTM SDS-85-2 is a concentrated liquid non-ionic cohesive agent for hair and synthetic fiber processing.  This product has been carefully designed to aid in processing wool, mohair, alpaca and other natural hair fibers.  It is also widely used for synthetic fibers that include nylon, acrylic, polyesters, rayon, polypropylene, and blends.

Product Packaging

These products are available in 5-gallon pails (40 lb.), and 55-gallon drums (450 lbs.)

For Further Information

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You can purchase small quantities of dyes appropriate for wool and natural fibers at W. Cushing & Co (www.wcushing.com) and Still River Fiber Mill (www.stillrivermill.com)