The construction industry uses products which demand high performance in many areas–they must be durable, corrosion resistant, heat stable, weather resistant, lightfast, safe, environmentally friendly, and cost effective. Organic Dyes and Pigments’ team of chemists strive to develop dye and pigment colorant solutions to meet these needs, to provide unique product identification, and to make them aesthetically pleasing. Our Organic pigments, available in aqueous dispersion form, can meet almost any physical demand required by a durable topical coating and can be used in many applications such as wood stains & identification, industrial coatings, recycled products, foam & fiberglass insulation, construction site dust-abatement tackifiers & polymers, adhesives, and polishing compounds. These are applicable to ceramic tiles, concrete, cement & mortar, stucco & plaster, paper & fiberglass composites & laminates, mildew & fire resistant gypsum wallboards, rubber mulch, coil coatings, and cool roofing products. Whatever colorant solution you need to meet the unique required physical properties of your end product, contact us so we can develop the perfect one for you.


Abrasives, Adhesives, Sealants, & Tape

Abrasives, Adhesives, Sealants, & Tape are miscellaneous construction materials requiring a broad array of dye and pigment classes to meet chemical compatibility and physical parameter requirements. Our colorants can be found in resin-bonded colored sanding discs, pads, belts, sponges, rolls, & sheets, wood and tile adhesives, highly durable and flexible silicon & butyl-based sealants, and tapes for industrial, insulation, & HVAC duct-work applications.

Composites & Laminates

Composites & Laminates consist of a multitude of materials consisting of Fiberglas-reinforced polymers, wood/polymer composites, recycled plastics, and different resins.  This wide variety of materials require a wide selection of dyes and pigments which offer physical properties able to meet the demands of high heat, pressure, intense light, and chemically corrosive environments.   Our line of OrcoSolve™ dyes  are the right choice for the right coloring solution.


Concrete & Masonry

Concrete & Masonry coloration can be accomplished using acid dyes, and solvent dyes, depending on the application such as stucco, stamped concrete, interior & exterior polished architectural concrete, and fiber/cement blends for siding & roofing shingles.

Gypsum & Wallboard

Gypsum & Wallboard of today are very technically advanced to address fire, mold & mildew, moisture, wind, sound, and durability construction codes and demands.  Our dyes and pigments are chemically compatible with coating formulations necessary to meet these demands, when applied to wood, paper, or Fiberglas-mat facing.


NonWovens & Insulation

NonWovens & Insulation used in the construction industry consist of geotextile membranes & erosion-control fabrics, carbon & Fiberglas 3D technical fabrics, non-woven air & moisture barrier wraps, reinforcement mesh, water-proofing membranes, interior & exterior insulation, Fiberglas underlayment, foam-board / acoustic sound-isolation / spray-foam insulations, and Fiberglas-based resin-bonded non-wovens.  Our colorants can be found in all of these products.

Wood Stains & Treatments

Wood Stains & Treatments are used on wood for preservation, sound-proofing,  and fire resistance. Our colorants are compatible with all stain, coating, and CCA(Chromated Copper Arsenate) preservative formulations to meet building standards and codes such as ASTM  E-90, NFPA 703,and UL Design No. V314.