Organic Dyes and Pigments offers standard and custom radiator coolant and leak dyes and colorants for antifreeze, engines, machinery, aircraft deicing, and windshield washer fluid. Products are available specifically in both liquid and powder forms, or both, to meet the stringent requirements of your application type. In addition to this standard line of colorants, Organic also provides Custom Shade Matching and product development services. Please contact Organic Dyes and Pigments with questions on specific shades and applications.

antifreeze coolant
Orcoacid™ Fluorosceine (Powder & Liquid)
Orcoacid™ Rhodamine B (Powder & Liquid)
Orcoacid™ Green FG (Powder only)
Orcoacid™ Blue FG Conc (Powder & Liquid)
OrcoTint NS™ Dark Royal 8711 (Liquid Only)
OrcoTint NS™ Royal Blue
OrcoTint NS™ Blue (Liquid Only)
OrcoTint NS™ Violet (Liquid only)
OrcoTint NS™ Bright Green GL (Liquid Only)

The shades are for representation only. All products should be tested for intended use before purchasing, please contact us for samples. Information contained herein is to the best of our knowledge, true and accurate. It is offered for information only, as we cannot guarantee the results of processes not under our direct control.