Antimigrants, Binders, Low Crocks, Optical Whiteners

Print, Pad & Coating chemicals are primarily involved with the application of pigments (or other solid particles) to a substrate (textile or other) via a variety of application methods. These application methods can include printing via rotary screen or gravure, padding the pigment on to a substrate via the dip & nip method, or coating a textile of other substrate utilizing the many coating methods available.

The primary chemicals utilized for Print, Pad & Coating are Binders and Low Crocks. These film forming agents bind the pigment particles to the fabric or substrate where they are applied. The proper Binder or Low Crock to be used depends on many factors, including the overall chemistry of the system, hand or stiffness desired, available cure temperatures and required color fastness

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Category Product Name Description Details
Antimigrants Orco Antimigrant V-1400™ Acrylic Synthetic
Synthetic antimigrant for use with pigment and disperse dyes in continuous dye ranges.
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Binders & Low Crocks

Category Product Name Description Details
Binders & Low Crocks Ultra Permabond 680 Self-crosslinking
Acrylic polymer for coatings
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Binders & Low Crocks ECCO™ Resin Binder 4501 Vinyl acrylic emulsion
For textile applications
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Binders & Low Crocks Lenospin™ SDS-85-2 Nonionic cohesive agent
A concentrated liquid for hair and synthetic fiber processing.
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Binders & Low Crocks Orco Air Dry Binder 6398™ Styrene-Acrylic copolymer
Versatile binder for many applications where maximum durability is required when high-temperature curing conditions are not possible.
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Binders & Low Crocks ECCO Auxiliary TLC 7865™ Prevent print screen clogging
A  water-based additive specifically designed to help prevent printing screens from clogging as a result of excessive drying rate
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Binders & Low Crocks Orco Bond 1250™ Self-Crosslinking Acrylic Polymer
Soft self-crosslinking acrylic binder finding applications in back-coating,  garment dyeing , print low-crocks as well as many other areas requiring a soft durable binder. Compatible with most external crosslinking agents for added durability
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Binders & Low Crocks Orco Pad Binder HLF-P™ Acrylic emulsion
A self-crosslinking acrylic polymer designed to provide maximum fastness with low free formaldehyde
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Binders & Low Crocks Orco Padding Resin FGT™ Thermosetting crosslinker
Thermosetting crosslinker used to improve wet fastness when used as an additive for cross-linkable acrylic binders and low crocks
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Binders & Low Crocks Orco Pad Binder RA-S31™ Acrylic emulsion
A self-crosslinking acrylic based emulsion, designed for use as a soft hand finish on a variety of substrates
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Binders & Low Crocks Orcocryl FRM™ Acrylic emulsion
High glass transition temperature acrylic for use in pigment padding applications when a firmer hand is desired without the use of a PVA which would be detrimental to the fastness properties
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Binders & Low Crocks Orcosil PS-400™ Specialty softener
Unique auxiliary for use in pigment padding and printing to improve wet crocking results while offering the benefit of a softer and supple hand
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Optical Whiteners

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