ORCO’S group of highly trained technicians and state-of-the-art technical service labs located in Rhode Island and South Carolina are well suited for Custom Computer Shade Matching using dyes and pigments for a wide variety of applications.

The spectrophotometers we utilize allow us to evaluate dyes, pigments, and colorants already applied to a substrate.  We also have the ability to utilize spectrophotometers and computers to analyze liquid dyes and pigment dispersions.

What is Computer Shade Matching?

Computer Shade Matching utilizes a spectrophotometer to measure the color. That measurement is coupled with a computer to analyze the three dimensional properties of the color. This analysis is then processed by the computer to provide a formula of standard dye shades at a specific concentration that when mixed together, will approximate the measured color.

Custom Shade Matching at ORCO

Why CCMS is Used in the Dying Industry?

Everyone sees color a little differently. Each computer monitor renders color differently. Each printer also presents colors a little differently. When discussing specific colors and specific shades, either with colleagues or customers, the use of a Color Computer allows that discussion to be a mathematical rendition of three-dimensional color space. This is MUCH more accurate than “a little warmer” or “not quite so red”!

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