Acid Dyes are anionic water soluble colorants available in both liquid and powder forms from Organic Dyes and Pigments®.These high quality acid dye product lines include the Orcoacid™, Orco Lanamide™, Orco Milling™, Orco Nylosol™, Orcolan Fast™, Orcolan Neutral™, and Orcoset™ brands and are very versatile, being used in many applications such as agricultural products, anodized aluminum, antifreeze & coolants, chemical compounding, coatings, construction materials, detergents & soaps, inks, textiles, water tracing, UV leak detection, and wood stains.

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The Orcoacid™ product line consists of a wide range of mono-azo and disazo acid dyes used to color nylon, silk, wool, and many other non-textile applications.

Orco Lanamide™

The Orco Lanamide™ product line consists of non-hazardous, non-chrome acid dyes applicable typically to nylon and blends offering high fastness, brightness, and compatibility as a group. Orco Lanamide™ dyes are especially suited for the sport and swimwear garments. (Fastness properties on nylon).

Orco Milling™

Orco Milling™ dyes are characterized by their high wetfastness on nylon and wool textiles and their wide range of bright colors. Although their lightfastness falls somewhat short of the metallized group of acid dyes, they do offer a brighter shade range to choose from.

Orcolan Fast™

Orcolan Fast™ dyes are 1:1 acid metalized chrome-complex acid dyes with excellent leveling properties on wool in strongly acid conditions. Although this line is somewhat limited in shade range it is very popular due to its ease of application and good fastness properties and finds wide use in textile stock dyeing especially in those areas destined for cross dyes.

Orcolan Neutral™

Orcolan Neutral™ dyes are 2:1 premetalized acid dyes. Because of their large molecular size, these behave similarly to the Orco Milling™ dyes in application and strike rate. Because of the metal complex, typically Cr+3, these dyes exhibit excellent light and wet fastness and find application in automotive industrial fabrics as well as other non-textile applications such as anodized aluminum.

Orco Nylosol™

Orco Nylosol™ dyes are characterized by their excellent leveling and penetrating properties on nylon in addition to their wide range of bright colors. Although this range does not exhibit the high wet and light fastness properties of the Milling and Metallized dyes on nylon, when selected carefully and after-treated properly, good fastness may be achieved.


Orcoset™ dyes are a specialty line of modified 1:2 metal complexed acid dyes typically used on nylon and wool offering similar dyeing characteristics, exceptional fastness properties, and bright shades. (Fastness properties are for nylon).