Organic Dyes and Pigments(ORCO) produces the highest quality dyes and pigments in our industry, leveraging our rigorous quality control processes to ensure consistent shade and strength across shipments.  ORCO is certified to the internationally recognized ISO 9001:2015 quality standard. Under the umbrella of our Mission Statement, the description of how this quality assurance standard is implemented at ORCO is addressed within three main topics: Management, Materials, and Operations.

To supply sustainable quality colorants, chemical auxiliaries, and specialty products to the industrial usage sector emphasizing our technical expertise, service, and timely delivery while maintaining our philosophy of protecting human rights, labor rights, corporate anti-corruption, and environmental sustainability.

Management at ORCO is fully committed to the highest level of Customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. This commitment is carried out utilizing various proactive, hands-on procedures in all aspects of producing products of consistently high quality to meet our customers’ needs.

With the goal of sustainability in mind supporting long-term ecological balance, ORCO only sources raw materials from vendors whose products pass a series of exacting testing procedures. The products must also conform to all applicable EPA and U.S. Customs regulations. All material is properly labeled and carefully stored in our warehouse while ongoing accuracy of our inventory records is verified by random spot checks, regular cycle counts, and full physical inventories.

Production personnel are trained in the safe operation and maintenance of all production equipment in compliance with applicable OSHA regulations. Written instructions are provided for each job and Material Safety Data Sheets are available for any materials used in production. Training in the use of safety equipment such as respirators is done on a regular basis, again in compliance with OSHA regulations.

ORCO has a full service technical laboratory at each facility to test incoming materials, stock mixes, and outgoing customer orders from our production facility. The labs also provide trouble- shooting, custom-formulation, and physical property testing laboratory services for our customers. Each shipment to the customer is quality tested and results are filed as part of the documented history of each order for future reference. Quality Assurance reports are available with each shipment if requested by the customer. Customer orders are typically shipped within 24-48 hours.

This overview of the Quality Assurance system at ORCO clearly demonstrates that we have the necessary procedures in place to carry out our commitment to provide our customers with the highest quality products and services.