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Organic Dyes and Pigments is a liquid and powder dyes and colorants supplier for textile and industrial applications. You can find information about these dyes by clicking on any of the links to the right or below. From there you will be able to see descriptions of available dyes and request samples.

Acid Dyes

Basic Dyes (Cationic)

Direct Dyes

Disperse Dyes

Food & Drug (FD&C)

Orco Ag Dyes

Orcoterge Coloratns (HI&I)

Orcoterge APH Dyes (HI&I)

Polymeric Dyes

Reactive Dyes

Solvent Dyes


ORCO Dyes have a number of uses for Industrial Applications.  Below is a partial list of some of the industry-specific or application dyes that we have available?  Need to know more?  Please fill out the contact form from and an ORCO Rep will contact you shortly.

Antifreeze & Coolants

Fuel, Oil & Lubricants

Inks & Toners


To request additional information about our products, or if you have questions relating to the industries we serve, feel free to contact us.

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