Livestock colorants and marking dyes are used in dairy farm sanitation identification, animal identification markers, hoof treatments, and udder preparations. Typical animal marking paint and colorants used in this industry are shown below, many of which are available in powder, liquid, and paste forms. If you need technical assistance to determine or develop the best product for your coloring needs just contact us.

OrcoTint NS™ Non-Staining Colorants

Shade OrcoTint NS™ Technical Info
Dark Royal 8711 Technical Bulletin
Royal Blue Technical Bulletin
Glacier Blue DR Technical Bulletin
Violet Technical Bulletin

Dye Colorants

Shade Orco™ Dye Name Lightfastness ( 1-8)
Orcozine™ Victoria Blue BO 1
Orcozine™ Rhodamine B 500% 2
Orcozine™ Blue GRLA 6-7
Orcozine™ Green V 2-3
Orcozine™ Chrysoidine 1-2
Orcoacid™ Red 40 5
Orcoacid™ Red 27 Crude 3
Orco™ Amaranth Supra 3
Orco™ Alizarine Green GHN-A Conc 6
Orcoacid™ Tartrazine Conc 4
Orcoacid™ Brilliant Blue FG 1
Orcoacid™ Brilliant Blue FG EX Liquid
Technical Bulletin
Orco™ Reactive Orange BF-2RX 3
Orco™ Reactive Yellow BF-2RG 6

FD&C / D&C  Dyes

Shade FD&C / D&C Name Lightfastness ( 1-8)
FD&C Yellow 5 5
FD&C Yellow 6 4
FD&C Blue 2 3
FD&C Blue 1 3
FD&C Red 40 5
FD&C Red 3 3
FD&C Green 3 3
D&C Green 5 5
D&C Yellow 10 3