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Orco™ Dyes satisfy almost every coloring need with a complete range of highest quality water and solvent-based dyes.  Available in both liquid and powder form, our dye product lines can meet your most demanding physical property and shade requirements.  Click here for a complete listing.

Orco™ Pigments consist of organic pigments in an aqueous dispersion.  With excellent physical properties such as small and consistent particle size distribution, high lightfastness, high pressure & temperature stability, along with a wide shade range, our Pigments are applicable to a wide array of industries—including textile printing & garment dyeing, agriculture marking and seed & fertilizer coatings, construction materials, carwash & HI&I detergents, paper, pulp, chemical tinting & compounding, inks, leather, and many other miscellaneous coatings industries where a topical colored coating is desired Click here for a complete listing.

Actual pigment samples must be evaluated in a laboratory on medium to be colored in production for accurate shade and physical property results. Shades shown on print material and computer monitors are for general reference only as they are inherently inaccurate due to calibration variations and technical limitations of monitors and printers.