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Organic Dyes and Pigments offers a wide variety of products for many industries.  From Agricultural uses to plastics and aluminum coating, Organic has the product you need in-stock and ready for shipment when you need it!

We serve the following industries, but our work is not limited to just these options, so if you have something specific you need, please feel free to give us a call or contact us for more information.


AgricultureBarnSunflowers Opt2 - organic dyes

From seed dye to pond dye, and many stops in between, Organic Dyes and Pigments offers a wide variety of agricultural dyes to our clients.  We also offer custom color matching and laboratory services if you need help developing the right dye or colorant to fit your needs.

Learn More about our Agricultural Dyes

Anodized Aluminum

AlumOrcoFlashlite Opt2 - organic dyes

OrcoAluminum dyes consist of a full shade range offering high-quality and lightfast properties used to dye a wide variety of Type I & II anodized aluminum. Uses range from automobiles & military applications to electronics, medical equipment and sporting goods.

Learn More about our Anodized Aluminum Dyes

Antifreeze and Coolants

Antifreeze Opt - organic dyes

We offer a variety of options for antifreeze and coolant colorants, as well as custom shade matching and laboratory services to ensure the right dye meets your needs.

More about Antifreeze & Coolant Dyes

Chemical Compounding

ChemicalCompoundings Opt2 - organic dyes

Applicable to a number of different chemical compounding and coating options, Organic Dyes and Pigments’ top priorities are customer service, quality and speed of delivery. Custom formulation is available to ensure you have the exact dye or pigment you’re looking for.

Learn More about our Chemical Compounding Dyes


CoatingsPaint Opt2.2 - organic dyes

High-performing dyes and pigments, a critical component of protective and identification coatings provide corrosion protection, are durable, heat stable, chemical & solvent resistant, have high lightfastness, are easy to use, and provide the perfectly-matched color shade you desire.

Learn More about Coating Dyes & Pigments

Construction Materials

ConstructionSaw2 - organic dyes

Organic Dyes and Pigments’ team of chemists strive to develop dye and pigment colorant solutions to meet the high-performance and quality standards needed by the Construction Materials Industry.

Learn More About Construction Material Dyes & Pigments

Detergents and Soaps

DetergentsGreenSuds Opt2 - organic dyes

ORCOTERGE™ Dyes offer a variety of color options and applications within the detergent industry. We also offer custom shade matching and laboratory services to assist you in developing or matching a product that’s perfect for your specific needs!

Learn More about our Detergent Dyes

FD&C-Food, Drug, & Cosmetics

FDCPopsicle Opt1 - organic dyes

Organic Dyes and Pigments offers FD&C dyes for a multitude of food, drug and cosmetic/beauty product applications. We have small samples available for testing, as well as lab services to ensure a custom match to your existing color or new product specifications.

Learn More about our FD&C Dyes

Inks and Toners

InkCartridges Opt1 - organic dyes

Organic Dyes and Pigments is a manufacturer and distributor of Orcoscribe™ purified and crude ink dyes for ink-jet printers, ink pads, roller-point pens, permanent, erasable, and fluorescent markers, and other specialty applications.

Learn More about ORCOSCRIBE™

Fuel, Oil, Lubricants, Solvents, and Waxes

- organic dyes

Organic Dyes and Pigments offers dyes for Fuel, Oil, Lubricants, & Wax Dyes and other applications with a variety of products in powdered and liquid forms. These dyes are generally used in the automotive, trucking, and commercial marine industries.

Learn More about Fuel, Oil, Lubricants, & Wax Dyes

Optical Whiteners

OpticalsGirlSheet Opt1 - organic dyes

Our line of Orco Synthrowite™ optical whiteners are suitable for textiles, paper, plastics, chemicals, and coatings and are available in both powder and liquid forms. We offer a variety of in-stock color indexes, as well as custom laboratory services to ensure the perfect physical requirement solution.

Learn More about Optical Whiteners


PlasticLego Opt1 - organic dyes

Our line of OrcoPlast dyes for plastics are applicable to surface coloring, extrusion, and master batch processes, offering a wide variety of in-stock colors. If you need a specific color, or shade matching services, be sure to give us a call or contact us via our laboratory request form. We offer services to fit your needs!

Learn More About Plastic Dyes

Portable Sanitation

portable sanitation logo regisgtered this is the one we use 0602 - organic dyes

OrcoTintTM PS Portable Sanitation Applications extend broadly with focus on portable toilets/sinks, sanitation/cleaning agents, marine/RV waste systems, deodorizers for municipal landfills and public restrooms. Our process improvements yield advantages that will bring value as well as ease of use.

Learn More About Portable Sanitation

Pulp and Paper

Paper Opt1 - organic dyes

Pulp and Paper dyes and pigments are available from Organic Dyes and Pigments through our Orcobond and Orcobrite line of products. Our colorants are top quality and our basic colors are in-stock and ready to ship. We also offer custom shade matching and laboratory services.

Learn More about Pulp and Paper Dyes and Pigments Today


Smoke Opt1 - organic dyes

Dyes for Smoke are generally used for military artillery, air shows and other signaling applications. Organic Dyes and Pigments offers the OrcoSmoke™ line in a wide variety of colors and hues. We also can custom match an exact shade for you.

Learn More About OrcoSmoke™ Dyes


- organic dyes

Organic Dyes and Pigments offers a wide variety of dyes, pigments, and chemical auxiliaries for the textile industry. We offer Acid, Basic, Direct, Disperse, Reactive, & Disperse dyes and Orcobrite pigments, as well as Optical Brighteners through multiple lines within the Organic Dye brand. We also offer chemicals to assist you in the dying process.

Learn More about Our Textile Dyes

Water Tracing / UV Leak Detection

WaterTracingStream Opt2 - organic dyes

Organic Dyes and Pigments’ line of water tracing and UV leak detection dye is designed to determine geologic water flow, plumbing flow rate, and leak detection for a variety of water, solvent, oil, and fuel applications. Our dyes are also used in sea marking and rescue applications. We recommend Rhodamine WT & Fluoresciene Dyes to ensure strong visibility and proper detection.

Learn More about Water Tracing Dyes

Wood Stains

WoodstainBrush Opt1 - organic dyes

Our OrcoStain™ line of wood stain & finishing dyes offer brilliance, clarity and ease of use in multiple applications.  Water and Solvent Soluble options are available.

Learn More about OrcoStain™ Wood Stain Dyes

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