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Organic Dyes and Pigments offers a wide variety of products for many markets.  From Agricultural to Construction, HI&I and Textiles, Organic has the solution to your needs!

We serve the following markets, but our work is not limited to just these options. If you have something specific you need, please feel free to give us a call or contact us for more information.


AgricultureBarnSunflowers Opt2 - organic dyes

From seed dye to pond dye, and many stops in between, Organic Dyes and Pigments offers a wide variety of agricultural dyes to our clients.  We also offer custom color matching and laboratory services if you need help developing the right dye or colorant to fit your needs.

Learn More about our Agricultural Dyes

Coating & Construction

ConstructionSaw2 - organic dyes

Organic Dyes and Pigments’ team of chemists strive to develop dye and pigment colorant solutions to meet the high-performance and quality standards needed by the Construction Materials Industry.

Learn More About Construction Material Dyes & Pigments


DetergentsGreenSuds Opt2 - organic dyes

ORCOTERGE™ Dyes offer a variety of color options and applications within the detergent industry. We also offer custom shade matching and laboratory services to assist you in developing or matching a product that’s perfect for your specific needs!

Learn More about our Detergent Dyes


InkCartridges Opt1 - organic dyes

Organic Dyes and Pigments is a manufacturer and distributor of Orcoscribe™ purified and crude ink dyes for ink-jet printers, ink pads, roller-point pens, permanent, erasable, and fluorescent markers, and other specialty applications.

Learn More about ORCOSCRIBE™


- organic dyes

Organic Dyes and Pigments offers a wide variety of dyes, pigments, and chemical auxiliaries for the textile industry. We offer Acid, Basic, Direct, Disperse, Reactive, & Disperse dyes and Orcobrite pigments, as well as Optical Brighteners through multiple lines within the Organic Dye brand. We also offer chemicals to assist you in the dying process.

Learn More about Our Textile Dyes

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