Crosslinkers / Catalysts, Defoamers, Dispersants / Surfactants

The use of chemicals in Textiles and a variety of other industries sometimes require additional auxiliary chemicals, either to enhance one of the other chemical components in a formulation, or sometimes to address a negative aspect of a particular chemical in a formula.

Let us help you find the right auxiliary chemical for your formulation or system!

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Category Product Name Description Details
Crosslinkers Orco Catalyst 781™ Inorganic salt solution
Inorganic salt type catalyst used to replace ammonium chloride type catalysts for use with thermosetting resins like melamine formaldehyde.
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Crosslinkers Ecco Crosslinker™ AP-900 Organic acid catalyst
Waterborne blocked isocyanate dispersion for crosslinking carboxylated resins, fluoropolymers and water repellents.
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Category Product Name Description Details
Defoamers Orco Antifoam AFB-S Conc™ Non-Ionic Silicone
Non-Ionic silicone anti-foaming agent for use in acid and alkaline conditions.
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Defoamers Orco Defoamer NS-1000™ Non-Silicone
Non-Silicone anti-foam for use in systems sensitive to silicone spotting.
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Defoamers ECCO™ Defoamer CF-33 Nonionic
Stable antifoam/defoamer
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Category Product Name Description Details
Dispersants Orco Penetrant 120™ Nonionic
A versatile nonionic wetting agent providing excellent wetting properties with little or no foam over a wide temperature range
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