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ORCO™, a provider of colorant offerings (OrcoTint NS) in portable sanitation for many years, proudly announces our new OrcoTint™ PS Portable Sanitation Colorants.

OrcoTint™ PS continues our mission as colorant solution providers for the sanitation industry.

Applications extend broadly with focus on portable toilets/sinks, sanitation/cleaning agents, marine/RV waste systems, deodorizers for municipal landfills and public restrooms.  Our process improvements yield advantages that will bring value as well as ease of use.

Portable Sanitation

OrcoTint PS Portable Sanitation Colorants are compatible with other active ingredients, easy to wash out, (non-staining,) highly soluble for in-line blending, non-settling, and stable at applicable pH ranges.  OrcoTint™ PS Portable Sanitation Colorants perform very well in unit-dose packaging applications such as soluble packets and tablets.

Yes, these are Non-staining liquid dyes that under most applications, will easily wash away. No stains are left on hands, pump systems, holding tanks or Portable Sanitation systems.
Absolutely! OrcoTint PS Portable Sanitation Products are formulated to standup to the most rigorous chemicals and fragrances utilized in the Portable Sanitation industry.

OrcoTint PS™ Portable Sanitation Colorants

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Shade (20ppm) OrcoTint™ PS Portable
Sanitation Colorants™
Technical Info
Cobalt EX Technical Bulletin
Indigo Technical Bulletin
Cobalt Technical Bulletin
Sapphire Technical Bulletin
Emerald Technical Bulletin
Amber Technical Bulletin
Maize Technical Bulletin
Claret Technical Bulletin

Actual OrcoTint PS™ samples must be evaluated in a laboratory in the medium to be colored in production for accurate shade, physical properties, and degree of non-staining