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Holiday Closing Schedule

We wish all of our Customers and Vendors a safe Holiday and a prosperous New…

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Visit us at the New England Surface Finishing Regional!

The ORCO SPLASH will feature a detailed procedure on how YOU can effectively manage your…

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Practical and effective test methods for managing organic dye baths in anodize job shops.

Anodizing shops often rely on their suppliers for information about what is happening in their…

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Global Anodizing Dye Perspective – Navigating the Dynamic Supply

Anodizing Dyes represent a worldwide use of dyes, and they are subject to the global…

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ORCO Team to Present Anodizing Dyes Technical Papers at AAC

Dyes for Anodized Aluminum add bright, vibrant colors to aluminum, but can also present a…

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ORCO is on the Cutting Edge of Textile Coloration Innovations!

Do you want to know what new innovations are driving Textile Coloration and Dyeing? Join…

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custom shade matching - organic dyes and pigments

Custom Shade Matching – It’s All About You!

These days, so much of what we encounter is so already customized to our tastes,…

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