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ORCO featuring Colorants for Coatings in Indianapolis, Booth #2478

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Join us at the American Coatings Show, April 30-May 2 in Indianapolis, where we will be featuring Dyes, Pigments and Colorants for the Coatings Industry. We look forward to discussing our various products specific for many aspects of the Coatings Industry, including Wood Stains, Concrete Stains, Adhesives & Tapes, and Material Coloration.

Red YetiVisitors to our booth, #2478, will be eligible for our daily drawing of a customize YETI tumbler. Stop by and let’s talk about you colorant needs and the various applications we address with our product line.

Some of the things we will be featuring at this year’s show are:


Abrasives, Adhesives, & Sealants are for miscellaneous construction materials requiring a broad array of dye and pigment classes to meet chemical compatibility and physical parameter requirements. Our colorants can be found in:

  • resin-bonded colored sanding discs, pads, belts, sponges, rolls, & sheets
  • wood and tile adhesives
  • highly durable and flexible silicon & butyl-based sealants
  • tapes for industrial, insulation, & HVAC duct-work applications.

We have many other water-based dyes that can also be custom-formulated into your unique product application.

Colored TapeAdhesive Tapes have a myriad of uses in construction and related markets, and are mostly closely identified with “duct” or “painters” type tapes.  We provide colorants, most notably from our Orcosperse Pigment Dispersion Product line (see below) for coloring the actual tape material, made from cloth , synthetic substrates, or paper.


Wood Stains & Treatments are used on wood for aesthetic purposes, preservation, sound-proofing, and fire resistance. Our stain colorants are compatible with all stain, coating, and CCA (Chromated Copper Arsenate) preservative formulations to meet building standards and codes such as ASTM E-90, NFPA 703,and UL Design No. V314.


OrcoStain wood stain dyes and wood finishing dyes are selected colorants chosen for their brilliance, clarity and ease of use. The standard dye shades we provide are just a small view into the colors and shades available in these lines.  Contact your ORCO Representative to obtain a specific shade or shade match.  We are really good at that!

Wood StainThe WS Line offers excellent water and water-miscible co-solvent solubility properties, and minimal “grain raising” characteristics. These high quality dyes produce rich, dark, uniform colors, particularly on hard-to-stain woods such as maple and pine.

The SS Line is recommended for solvent-based systems and for tinting of clear solvent based finishes. Solvent Stains do not “raise the grain”, affording a smoother surface and finish.

Colored FloorConcrete & Masonry coloration can be accomplished using solvent dyes, stucco pigment, and pigments for concrete depending on the application which may include stucco, stamped concrete, interior & exterior polished architectural concrete, and fiber/cement blends for siding & roofing shingles.

Concrete Floor Stains are beautiful architectural additions achieved through a penetration system utilizing OrcoSolve MC Solvent Dyes.  As with all of our product lines, ORCO can create specific custom shades for our customers utilizing our experienced shade creation expertise.