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Preparing a textile fiber or fabric for dyeing or any other future processing is the foundation on which all subsequent steps are built. Proper preparation entails the use of surfactants and scouring agents to remove all of the sizing, waxes, processing oils and accumulated dirt – all to present the best” surface for subsequent dyeing or processing. The use of the correct scouring agent needs to take into account the type of materials to be removed and the chemistry of other preparation agents.

Fiber preparation entails the use of lubricants to promote fiber to fiber and fiber to equipment lubricity which are aids to further processing.
Antistatic agents, which are not just limited to textile preparation, are utilized on both fibers and fabrics, especially synthetic fibers/fabrics, to prevent static charge build-up and “fiber clumping” – usually due to high speed fiber to equipment interaction.

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Category Product Name Description Details
Lubricants Lenospin™ SDS-85-2 Non-ionic
A concentrated liquid nonionic cohesive agent for hair and synthetic fiber processing
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Lubricants Syntholube™ RT-8 Non-ionic
Highly concentrated non-ionic synthetic lubricant and anti-static for wool, woolen blends and all synthetics. Ideal as a combing and pre-carding lubricant. Effective on stock-dyed or top-dyed polyesters and will show minimum to no crocking. Contains no mineral oils, is non-yellowing, easily scour-able, biodegradable and has no adverse effects on dye-ability.
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Lubricants Orco Nap Assist PD™ Polyglycol ether
A napping assistant which provides exceptional lubrication and softening effects on cellulosics and synthetics.
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Category Product Name Description Details
Anti-Static Agents SYNTHOSPIN™ P-10 New Non-Ionic Antistat
Non-Ionic non-yellowing antistat for use on all synthetics and natural fibers also offering good tint dispersant properties.
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Anti-Static Agents SYNTHOSPIN™ P-100-NF New Non-Ionic Antistat
A Phenol-free, non-Ionic, non-yellowing antistat for use on all synthetics and natural fibers also offering good tint dispersant properties.
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Category Product Name Description Details
Scouring Mini Mill (Wool & Natural Fibers) Processing Agents For the Wool Farm and Cottage Spinning Industries
A collection of very popular wool scour, lubricant, anti-static and cohesion agents for the farm Mini Mill and similar processing industry.
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Scouring Orconol CHSA Conc™ Ethoxylated alcohol blend
Highly concentrated nonionic blended surfactant designed for scouring at a wide range of temperatures. Orconol CHSA Conc performs as a detergent, emulsifier, wetting agent, and dispersant.
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Scouring Orco Citrus Solve DL-AAS-2™ D-Limonene micro-emulsion
High efficiency d-Limonene concentrate with both acid and alkaline stability for use in the removal of wax, grease, and hydrocarbon stains.
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Scouring ECCO™ Cleaner AK Biodegradable
A unique biodegradable solvent cleaner
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Scouring ECCOSCOUR™ WA-305 Non-ionic
Biodegradable nonionic detergent and scouring agent
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SCOURING ECCOWET™ DS-100 Highly concentrated
Docusate sodium low-foaming wetting agent and emulsifier
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Scouring ECCOWET™ LF Conc New Non-rewetting
Low foaming wetting agent that does not rewet after curing
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