Aqueous  Dispersions 

Organic Dyes and Pigments offers  Orco™ Pigments which consist of organic pigments, available as aqueous dispersion.  With excellent physical properties such as small and consistent particle size distribution, high lightfastness, high pressure & temperature stability, along with a wide shade range, our Pigments are applicable to a wide array of industries—these include textile printing & garment dyeing, agriculture marking and seed & fertilizer coatings, construction materials, carwash & HI&I detergents, paper, pulp, chemical tinting & compounding, inks, leather, and many other miscellaneous coatings industries where a topical colored coating is desired.

Contact our skilled technicians to develop and custom-formulate a pigment coating system to meet your unique shade and demanding physical property requirements. In-plant trial runs and trouble-shooting services are also available.

For a variety of application procedures and technical bulletins, visit our Technical Resources page where you can search by technical bulletin, procedure, colorant class, and material being colored.