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OrcoSolve™ MC       OrcoSolve™ 

OrcoSolve™ MC dyes are solvent soluble, metal complex dyes of high quality for use in the inks and coating industries. These products offer superior solubility in organic solvent systems. In addition to this standard product line we also offer many other specialty solvent dyes as well as custom formulated blends, please contact us with any questions.

Select the buttons below for downloadable technical bulletins illustrating Physical Properties & Solubility Values.

OrcoSolve™ MC Dyes Physical Properties Technical Bulletin    

OrcoSolve™ MC Dyes Solubility Values Technical Bulletin

Color Index Name


Solvent Black 27

Black  RE-MC

Solvent Black 28

Black CNL-MC

Solvent Black 29

Black RL-MC

Solvent Blue 45


Technical Bulletin

Solvent Blue 67

Blue GN-MC

Solvent Blue 70

Blue 2GN-MC

Solvent Green Specialty

Green BYS-MC

Solvent Orange 54

Orange RE-MC

Solvent Orange 58

Orange RL-MC

Solvent Orange 62

Orange RLN-MC

Solvent Orange 99

Orange R-MC

Solvent Red 89

Fire Red GLS-MC

Solvent Red 119

Fire Red G-MC

Solvent Red 122


Solvent Red 127

Pink 6BLS-MC

Solvent Red 160

Fire Red BL-MC

Solvent Yellow 82

Yellow 2GN-MC

Solvent Yellow 90

Yellow GL-MC

Solvent Brown 43

Brown 2RL-MC

OrcoSolve™ dyes are used extensively in fuel, oil, lubricant, grease, wax, and plastics coloration applications.   These highly-concentrated heat-stable colorants, available in liquid and powder form, are soluble in polar solvents and hydrocarbon-based oil and lubricants.  Their high concentration allows the formulator to use minimal amounts of dye thereby causing no change to the product’s original physical characteristics.  In addition,  their stability to high heat makes them a good match for lubricants, engine oil, automatic transmission fluid, and grease.  Some lubricants are water-based and would require our water-soluble dyes or possibly pigments.  The fluorescent OrcoSolve™ dyes are used for leak detection in engines and hydraulic systems, and oil/water path detection in oil-field applications.  Petroleum applications include gasoline, diesel, jet-fuel, biodiesel, fuel additives, heating oil, and kerosene. Wax applications include candles, shoe polish, coatings, parrafin, lamp oils, and beeswax. Plastics applications include SAN, ABS, PLA, PET, acrylic, polystyrenes, polycarbonates, nylon polyamides, and other polymers & resins .

Select the button below for a downloadable technical bulletin illustrating Physical & Resin Suitability Properties.

OrcoSolve™ Dyes Physical & Resin Suitability Properties Technical Bulletin 

Color Index Name


Solvent Black 5

Nigrosine SB

Solvent Black 7

Nigrosine NB Base

Solvent Blue 4

Victoria Blue Base

Solvent Blue 35

Blue B 200%

Technical Bulletin

Solvent Blue 36

Solvent Blue 38


Solvent Blue 48

Blue 2GLN

Solvent Blue 59

Blue N

Solvent Blue 97

Blue GN

Solvent Blue 98

Blue HF Liquid

Solvent Blue 102

Blue ERO

Solvent Blue 104

Blue 2B

Solvent Blue 128

Blue 2R

Solvent Green 3

Green B

Solvent Green 28

Green 820

Solvent Orange 60

Orange PER

Solvent Orange 86

Orange Amber

Solvent Red 23


Solvent Red 24

Red 4B

Solvent Red 26

Red 26

Solvent Red 27

Red MX

Solvent Red 52

Red 5

Solvent Red 111


Solvent Red 135


Solvent Red 164

Red B-HF Liquid

Solvent Red 168


Solvent Red 169


Solvent Red 179


Solvent Red 207


Solvent Violet 8

Methyl Violet Base

Solvent Violet 13

Violet IRS

Solvent Violet 14

Violet M

Disperse Violet 26

Violet R

Solvent Violet 38

Violet 3B

Solvent Yellow

Yellow GR-HF Liquid

Solvent Yellow 33

Chinoline Yellow

Solvent Yellow 56

Yellow EF

Solvent Yellow 72

Yellow SBC

Solvent Yelllow 77

Yellow GX

Solvent Yellow 93

Yellow 4G

Solvent Yellow 114

Yellow G

Solvent Yellow 163

Yellow GS

Solvent Yellow 167

Yellow TG

Solvent Green 5

Fluorescent Green E

Solvent Orange 63

Fluorescent Orange FC

Disperse Red 277

Flourescent Red G

Solvent Red 49

Rhodamine B Base

Vat Red 41

Fluorescent Red 5B

Disperse Yellow 82

Fluorescent Yellow 10GN

Solvent Yellow 98

Fluorescent Yellow 3GF

Solvent Yellow 43

Fluorescent Yellow FG

Solvent Yellow 44

Fluorescent Yellow 44

Actual dye samples must be evaluated in a laboratory on medium to be dyed in production for accurate shade and physical property results. Shades shown on print material and computer monitors are for general reference only as they are inherently inaccurate due to calibration variations and technical limitations of monitors and printers.

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