Quality Control – Consistent Colorants and Chemicals

  • Incoming raw materials are evaluated for strength, color value, solubility, pH, application characteristics, and other physical properties using the latest spectrophotometric and measurement instrumentation.
  • Quality data is recorded to an internal database for each batch of raw material consisting of product strength, numerical color data (LAB’s), and corresponding money value for that item. The purchasing department of processing materials has accurate data at their fingertips to make informed decisions when purchasing the needed raw materials for the production department.
  • Colorants and chemical formula keys are prepared by a coordinated effort between the laboratory and production personnel utilizing the raw materials data.
  • All standardized finished colorant and chemical batches are sampled back to the laboratory to be tested against established quality standard retains. Any batches that do not meet standard values are charged with adjustments and are only approved when all requirements for Delta LAB’s, solubility, and physical attributes are met.
  • Certificates of Analysis(COAs) are prepared with test data and provided to the customer as required.  All COAs are stored for future reference.

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