Whether it’s woven or knit constructed, inner or outer worn, or natural or synthetic fiber, Organic Dye can supply the appropriate dye, chemical and technical expertise to accommodate any Textile Apparel processing need. We supply many different product lines representing just about any dye class commercially available, as well as the chemical auxiliaries to make it all work.

The proper dye or pigment to use for processing Textiles for Apparel depends on the fibers utilized. Click the button below to see our Textile Apparel process options by fiber.

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Garment Dyeing

Garment Dyeing has taken on enormous popularity in the last decade, due to the inventory flexibility it affords the producer, as well as the popular casual look, bright colors OR washed out finish of the garment dyed knits and wovens. Depending on just what kind of look the producer wants to achieve and the fabric make-up of the garment, we can provide the expertise and right kind of colorant to achieve the desired end product.

Our OrcoReactiveTM MX series is perfect for achieving bright, bold colors via garment dyeing on woven or knit cotton fabrics.  These OrcoReactiveTM MX dyes are commonly used also to achieve the bright and colorful Tie Dying effect on cotton fabrics.

Our OrcoSpearseTM Pigment Dispersions are utilized on variety of cotton or cotton-blended woven and knit garments when a casual, wash-down or “stone wash” effect is desired. We also supply the additional chemicals need for achieving the desired effects.

Performance Apparel

Performance Apparel is a growing market that showcases clothing and fashion that has a designed form and function for those who wear it. A relatively new market, Performance Apparel is often characterized as the melding of performance accentuating athletic wear with the comfort and styling of comfortable clothing – now commonly known as Athleisure. Organic Dyes and Chemicals are experts at supplying the particular dyes and chemicals for the typical fibers used in Performance Apparel – PolyesterNylon, & Spandex.

Contact your Organic Dye Representative today for further information regarding the appropriate dyes and chemicals for the specific fibers or end-use for Performance Apparel Textiles.

Performance Apparel