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Do you need dyes, pigments or colorants for your Agriculture Products? We’ve got them!

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Did you want to know the 5 reasons dyes and colorants are used in Agriculture Applications? Come by Booth #531 to find out!

The answers to these and any other questions you have can be found at the Specialty Chemical & Agro Show, in Booth #531 (Chatham Ballroom) in Savannah GA, June 25-27. Our team of experts will be there to talk to you about ANY of your dye, pigment or colorant needs.

Tell us what you want to add color to, and we’ll figure out how to do it.

But meanwhile…

Do you know the 5 reasons dyes and colorants are used in Agriculture products?

1. Branding

grass seed brandingMany companies who sell seeds, fertilizers and pesticides to consumers and farmers use color in support of their Brand. Utilizing color in these products allows the buyer to better “remember” who supplied the seed. Knowing that color “sells”, these large Brands want everything associated with their product – packaging, advertising, and yes, the product itself, to convey an image of “nature”, “health” and “value”.

2. Identification

Dyes and Pigments are used in seed coloring to differentiate the type of seed, hybrid variety, genetic traits, germination specifications and whether they have been treated with any other products (fertilizers/pesticides). In most cases, it is even mandatory that a pesticide treated seed be marked with color. Due to the importance of these agriculture products, both in industrial agriculture and food product, the use of color can eliminate the misuse of products – avoiding potential problems further down the production chain or with crop yield.

3. Spray Pattern Marking

Spray Pattern Marking is probably the number one Practical reason for the use of color in agricultural products. The presence of color on seeds allows the user (homeowner, landscaper and farmer) to know how the seeds are sown and to make sure any mechanical seed sowing or drilling is operating at peak efficiency.

For the homeowner or small farmer, spray application of fertilizers, pesticides and nutrients is greatly aided by the inclusion of color in the product. Not only is the color specific to a particular TYPE of product (you don’t want to confuse your pesticide with your fertilizer – ever!) it also allows the user to know that the spray is going where it should go, and not going where it shouldn’t.

This ability to see where the agricultural product is going is even more important for large scale farms and grow facilities. In Aerial Spraying – crop dusting as it used to be called – making sure the treatment goes where it is supposed to is made much easier with the use of color. The user can quickly see if the application drifted over to crops that were not supposed to be treated, or even if the correct crop has been treated.

4. Enhance Nature’s Colors

Sometimes, Nature needs a little help. Do you want that pond on your property, golf course, or residential community to look “bluer”? There are dyes that can achieve that effect and in many cases, have the added benefit of reducing algae growth. Do you need to have your golf course fairways and greens look “greener”? Yes, there are colorants that can achieve that effect, especially for burned out or high traffic areas.

Dyes and Pigments are also used by landscapers to obtain a desired shade of mulch or ground cover – even going so far as to dye sand for use in decorative areas or on golf courses.

5. Special Effects

turf marking colors special effectsOn athletic fields, non-permanent striping, team and corporate logos, and boundary markers all require specific dyes and pigments. Coloring ponds, fountains, and rivers for special events such as Breast Cancer Awareness, St. Patrick’s Day, or Corporate Branding also utilize specialized dyes to achieve the desired effect.

As a supplier of dyes, pigments and colorants for all of these agricultural applications, ORCO can supply the color you need and the expertise to make the colors work in whatever system or end-use you have. CONTACT US to find out more about how we can help you utilize dyes, pigments and colorants in your agricultural application.

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