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Powder Dyes          |          Liquid Dyes

OrcoSmoke™ smoke dyes are specialty colorants, available in powder and liquid form, and designed specifically for pyrotechnic colored smoke for use in distress signals, flares, military smoke cover grenades, sea markers & smoke locators, marine locators, aerial displays, and air shows. OrcoSmoke™ dyes are not intended nor appropriate for inhalation or ingestion through smoking or vape devices.  These highly concentrated dyes meet the physical requirements for many military standard specifications such as Mil-D-3284E, DOD-D-51485A, DOD-D-51524, and Mil-D-3277E. Custom-formulated OrcoSmoke™ dye can also be made to meet your unique specifications.

Powder Dyes



Red 3B

Violet FS

Blue B2N DPC

Green T

Green DT-1

Yellow 3G

Yellow FT

Yellow FS

Liquid Dyes



Red B Liquid

Blue Liquid

Yellow Liquid

The shades are for representation only. All products should be tested for intended use before purchasing, please contact us for samples. Information contained herein is to the best of our knowledge, true and accurate. It is offered for information only, as we cannot guarantee the results of processes not under our direct control.

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