Orcolan Neutral™ dyes are 2:1 premetalized acid dyes. Because of their large molecular size, these behave similarly to the Orco Milling™ dyes in application and strike rate. Because of the metal complex, typically Cr+3, these dyes exhibit excellent light and wet fastness and find application in automotive industrial fabrics as well as other non-textile applications such as anodized aluminum.

Select the button below for a downloadable shade card which illustrates shades and a listing of physical properties.The color shown on these shade cards and web pages is only indicative and does not represent the EXACT shade of the product.

Orcolan Neutral™ Shade Card

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ImageNameSolubilityLightfastnessCrocking - WetCrocking - DryDetails
Black BGL 200%
Black BGL 200%
Black 3SBR
Black 3SBR, , ,
Black DW
Black DW, , ,
Black DW Liquid
Black DW Liquid
Black BR
Black BR, , ,
Black BR Liquid
Black BR Liquid
Black BL
Black BL
Black JMA-2
Black JMA-2
Black RBL
Black RBL
Black LDS
Black LDS
Black MGBL
Black MGBL, , ,
Grey BLGY-N, , ,
Grey B
Grey B, , ,
Olive BGL 200%
Olive BGL 200%, , ,
Blue GL
Blue GL, , ,
Dark Blue BR
Dark Blue BR,
Brown BRL
Brown BRL, , ,
Brown 2RL
Brown 2RL, , ,
Brown 5R Special
Brown 5R Special, , ,
Brown GRL
Brown GRL, , ,
Brown GRS
Brown GRS, , ,
Orange NR
Orange NR, , ,
Orange RL 250%
Orange RL 250%, , ,
Red B
Red B, , ,
Red 4GL
Red 4GL, , ,
Red BMS, , ,
Red RLS, , ,
Bordeaux BSB
Bordeaux BSB, , ,
Brilliant Yellow 5G
Brilliant Yellow 5G, , ,
Yellow 2GL Ex
Yellow 2GL Ex, , ,
Yellow WN 250%
Yellow WN 250%, , ,

Fastness Ratings:  (W) Wool    (N)Nylon