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Seed Coloring Laboratory - organic dyesColorant Solutions for seed treatment, crop protection, and crop fertilization products require a collaborative process between the colorant manufacturer and their customer. Organic Dyes and Pigments’ is a leading seed coloring and dye supplier whose primary goal is to develop the perfect color solution for our customers’ products – meeting all shade, physical property, and government regulatory requirements. Many types of colorants may be used in the coloration of seed treatment coatings, fertilizer, fungicide, pesticide, & herbicide treatments, nitrogen stabilizers, urease inhibitors, and other agricultural chemical treatments to act as an agricultural marker spray, visual product identifier for product branding, and application, health, & safety awareness. Custom colorant-formulation is our specialty—a colorant offering consistent quality assured by our ISO9001 Certified processes and meeting all environmental & safety government regulations.

ORCO™ Ag Dyes & ORCOPERM Ag PIgments,  EPA Approved on the EPA Trade Name Inert Ingredient Listing database!

Can these dyes be blended to make different shades?

Yes, these dyes can be blended, but then you will lose EPA Approval as the EPA Ingredient Listing Database is based on the actual trade name of the dye from Organic Dyes and Pigments LLC

Why are colorants added to seeds, fertilizers or pesticides?

Typically, colors are added so that when a pesticide/fertilizer is delivered through aerial spraying, you can see where those chemicals actually go, and make sue there is no over-spray on additional fields.

Is there any other reason color is added?

Frequently, manufacturers (or farmers) will add color in to differentiate types of pesticides or fertilizers, or to differentiate various types of seed coatings. Colorants are also added for overall branding for specific manufacturers.

seed-tb-1Seed Treatment is the application of colorants, polymers, innoculents, herbicides, growth regulators, and other chemical treatments to seeds intended for planting to promote healthy growth & development(not for food or feed uses).  Organic Dyes and Pigments develops custom seed-treatment colorants satisfying Codes of Federal Regulations(CFR) 40 CFR 180.910 for pre- & post-harvest, 40 CFR 180.920 for pre-harvest, and 40 CFR 153.155 for pesticide-treated seeds.  Colorants meeting these CFR criteria are listed below.

seed-tb-2Crop Protection is achieved by the use of fungicide, pesticide, & herbicide treatments.  Many of these products are colored for identification, for the locating of areas where product has previously been applied, and for health & safety precaution & awareness.  Because there are so many products that fall under this category, the majority of our dyes and pigments can be applicable to many formulations.  It is very important however, that 40 CFR 153.155, which mandates the coloration of pesticides using EPA approved dyes, and EPA’s Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act(FIFRA) are  adhered to.

seed-tb-3Crop Fertilization is necessary to provide the required amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and other micronutrients to soil for the promotion of  healthy and robust plant growth and development.  Colorants are typically added during the fertilizer manufacturing/blending processes as a spray. Fertilizers are colored for the purposes of fertilizer-type identification to minimize application error and for manufacturer’s brand identification. The colorants checked(√) under the “Fertilizer” column are best suited for fertilizer but many others are readily available for custom-formulation into your unique product.



OrcoSeed™ Yellow Powder

OrcoSolve™ Yellow 2GN-MC

D&C Yellow 10

FD&C Yellow 5

OrcoSeed™ Orange Liquid

FD&C Yellow 6

OrcoSolve™ Fire Red G-MC

FD&C Red 3

D&C Red 17

OrcoSeed™ Pigment Red 2RWS

FD&C Red 40

OrcoSeed™ Red SW Liquid

D&C Red 33

OrcoSeed™ Pigment Red Violet 3RN 6050

OrcoSeed™ Red B-CR Powder

OrcoSeed™ Pigment Red RSS

OrcoSeed™ Pigment Red 2RYG

OrcoSeed™ Rhodamine BRS

OrcoSeed™ Bright Red Liquid

OrcoSeed™ Violet B-MV Powder

OrcoSeed™ Plum Liquid

OrcoSeed™ Violet AB Powder

D&C Violet 2

OrcoSolve™ Blue GN-MC

OrcoMilori™ Blue NC

OrcoSeed™ Blue CR

FD&C Blue 1

Orco Ag Blue FG

(Technical Bulletin)

D&C Green 6

FD&C Green 3

D&C Green 5

OrcoSeed™ Malachite Green Liquid

OrcoSeed™ Pigment Green BN-WS

OrcoSolve™ Green BY-S

OrcoSeed™ Pigment Green 555

OrcoSeed™ Green BG Ex Liquid

Titanium Dioxide*

Orco Synthrowite™ NCR-2

*All dyes and pigments must first be evaluated on the material to be colored in a laboratory environment to confirm color, physical properties, and adherence to all government health, safety, and environmental rules and regulations.  Shades shown on print material and computer monitors are for general reference only as they are inherently inaccurate due to calibration variations and technical limitations of monitors and printers.

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