Custom Shade Matching – It’s All About You!

These days, so much of what we encounter is so already customized to our tastes, habits, and history that it has become ubiquitous.  Your Google Search experience is already customized to your location, previous searches and browsing history BEFORE you enter even the first character of a search. We all know how the Amazon buying experience is filled with custom purchasing ideas presented to you (subtlety and not so subtlety) when you log on to view their site.  And these days, you can even CREATE customized, one-off products designs and prototypes with 3D printing.

We know you expect customized service and goods in so many areas of your life – shouldn’t you expect custom shade matching from your dye and colorant supplier?

As a company that performs over 4,000 Customized Shade Matches per year, Organic Dyes and Pigments LLC (ORCO) knows how to make it “All About You”!

Years ago, the Head Dyer or Colorist in a Textile Dye House or Printing Facility would perform dozens upon dozens of shade matches per day, matching their customer’s desired shades with the dyes and colors that they had on the floor.  A combination of art, science, and experience imbued the Dyer/Shader with the ability to make those matches in a timely manner with great accuracy. Of course, they still had to make sure that the color or dye was weighed and mixed properly, adequate quantities were available for a particular “run”, and proper economics were employed when making a match (don’t use expensive dyes to make a match when less expensive shades exist).

Sadly, production shading expertise is becoming a lost art, at the same time that shorter production runs, technical fabric use, dye costs, and production/quality optimization are on the rise.  The modern textile dye or print house has to do so much more with less expertise, but with increased demands and economics from their customer base.

ORCO is uniquely positioned to customize your dye shade needs – after all, in this day and age it is “All About You”!  We often create customized dye shades for our customers to meet THEIR customer’s exacting specifications, freeing up the dyer/colorist from having to worry about preparing a shade from existing inventory, having it mixed properly in the dye or color house, and then monitoring the shade through production and making changes as needed.  A customized version of that dye shade, uniquely created by ORCO for YOU, eliminates many of the concerns of inventory, proper re-matching, dye weighing, and production adjustments while presenting to you a standardized dye of the desired shade with consistent quality and batch to batch repeatability.

Performing over 4,000 custom shade-matched colors per year in our laboratories, with a team of lab personnel experienced in hands-on and instrument color matching, ORCO is uniquely suited to provide customized dyes for you.

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Yes, at ORCO it IS “All About You”, and with our consistent and quality shade matching, you can easily turn to your customer and say its “All About You!!!”