psOrganic Dyes and Pigments has food, drug and cosmetic dyes plus FD&C dyes. Small non-certified samples are available for shade evaluation in processes but please check with your Organic representative for sizes of packaging for the certified colors and their respective pricing.

[wpanchor id=”fdcaqueous”]FD&C Dyes

FD&C Blue 1

FD&C Blue 2

FD&C Red 40

FD&C Red 3

D&C Red 33

FD&C Yellow 5

FD&C Yellow 6

D&C Yellow 8

D&C Yellow 10

FD&C Green 3
(Under acetic conditions)

D&C Green 5

D&C Green 8

D&C Violet 2

[wpanchor id=”fdcsolvent”]D&C Dyes

D&C Green 6

D&C Red 17

D&C Yellow 11

D&C Violet 2

The shades are for representation only. All products should be tested for intended use before purchasing, please contact us for samples. Information contained herein is to the best of our knowledge, true and accurate. It is offered for information only, as we cannot guarantee the results of processes not under our direct control.