Organic Dyes and Pigments offers all textile dye classes and pigments for all fibers. The table below lists our textile dye product lines for various fibers along with brief descriptions of each. Clicking on a dye class will bring you to a listing of dye sub-classes or dye class lists. From here you will be able to see dye descriptions and request samples.

We also have three full-service laboratories available to our customers for computer shade-matching, textile processing procedure development, and technical problem-solving. Our highly skilled laboratory professionals are also available for in-plant trial runs and problem solving.

[wpanchor id=”textiledyetypes”]Textile Dye Classes

Acid Dyes
Acid dyes are applicable for dyeing nylon, silk, and wool. Our acid dye product line consists of Orcoacid™, Orcolan Fast™, Orco Lanamide™, Orco Nylosol™, Orco Milling™,Orcolan Neutral™, and Orcoset™ dye ranges to meet your shade and fastness requirements.

Basic Dyes
Our Orcozine™ line of Basic dyes are applicable to acrylic, Nomex™, and cationic-dyeable polyester.

Direct Dyes
Our Orcolitefast™ and Orcomine™ Direct dyes are applicable to cotton, rayon, and linen.

Disperse Dyes
Our Orcocilacron™ Disperse dyes are applicable to polyester and Orcocil™ Disperse dyes are applicable to nylon and acetate.

Optical Whiteners
Our Orco Synthrowite™ optical whiteners are for textiles.

Reactive Dyes
Reactive dyes are applicable to cotton and rayon. Some are also applicable to nylon and wool. Our reactive dye ranges include the Orco Reactive BF-Series™, Orco Reactive I-Series™, Orco Reactive MX-Series™, and  Orco Reactive R-Series™ .

Textile Pigments

Our OrcoSperse™ aqueous dispersions are specifically formulated for textile printing and coating applications.  If it is a custom-formulated pigment you need to meet a unique set of physical requirements such as lightfastness, heat stability, viscosity, color, etc., we would be happy to formulate from scratch, starting with our OrcoPerm™(Organic) & Orco IO(Inorganic) pigment powders–just give us call.